A Powerful Combination for Healing Chronic Lyme Disease Pain, Fatigue, and Mental Fog

For people who want to reduce mental fog, fatigue, and pain caused by Lyme disease
By Greg Lee

hide and seek

Did you play hide and go seek as a child?
The kids in my neighborhood would hide in the most unusual places. Some of the other kids hid so well that I could never find them.

Lyme disease plays hide and seek too
And it hides in places where antibiotics could never find it.

And if you can’t find it, how can you eliminate it from your body?

Chronic Lyme disease can be very difficult to eliminate from the body
Lyme disease is caused by a spiral shaped bacteria called, Borrelia burgdorferi. Spiral shaped bacteria are also referred to as spirochetes. Just like the kids that you could never find during hide and go seek, the Lyme bacteria burrows in hard to get to places in your body. Some experts say it can go into your nervous system, your brain, and in your joints.

Lyme disease can be very painful
You can get this disease when an infected deer tick bites you and transmits the bacteria into your blood stream. You may have flu like symptoms and a bulls eye rash when you contract this bacteria. The main symptoms are joint pain, fatigue, and mental fogginess. People who have this infection for years report a loss of coordination and motor function because of the damage to their brain. Standard treatment for this infection is to take antibiotics. However they can’t always eliminate these bacteria from your body.

Antibiotics have difficulty finding Lyme in these places
Your joints are very difficult places for antibiotics to reach because of a lack of blood vessels. Your also have a barrier which prevents chemicals in the blood from entering the brain. If antibiotics kill only some of the bacteria, then some of them will just remain hidden until the coast is clear. When this happens, people feel better at first. A few weeks later their old symptoms come right back. Not only can these bugs hide, they are impervious to antibiotics when they are in different life stages.

Lyme bacteria are harder to eliminate in their different life stages
Some antibiotics are effective only when the bacteria are in the spirochete stage. Lyme bacteria have been found to create a covering called a biofilm that protects it from antibiotics. Only a few antibiotics are believed to kill the bacteria in this form. In theory, the bacteria will remain protected under their biofilm until conditions are more favorable. Even if you are on antibiotics for years, the bacteria is thought to be capable of lying dormant in your body.

If antibiotics can’t completely eliminate Lyme disease from your system, what else can help you?

These herbs produce die-off reactions in people diagnosed with Lyme disease
Some Lyme patients combine antibiotics with Chinese herbal medicine. There is a powerful combination of Chinese herbs that reduces joint pain, fatigue, and mental fog. As symptoms improve, these herbs are meant to target the Lyme bacteria in your joints, muscles and nervous system. These herbs have proven effective in clinical experiments with people with chronic Lyme disease. These herbs increase your chance of clearing chronic Lyme disease versus taking antibiotics alone.

Liposomal Chinese herbs are thought to penetrate where antibiotics have difficulty
Liposomes are very small medicines that are encased in a lipid or a fat. When encapsulated in a liposome, this set of herbs can enter places like inside cells, joints and the brain more easily. Patients get a customized formula of liposomal herbs that are specifically tailored for their symptoms. These herbs have been highly effective at treating other spirochete infections.

Cure rates as high as 97% in clinical studies of Leptospirosis, a similar spirochete infection
Recent clinical studies in China have shown a rate of curing a spirochete infection called leptospirosis with Chinese herbs as high as 97%. Leptospirosis is similar in many ways to the Lyme infection. The longer you take these herbs, the greater are your chances of ridding Lyme disease from your body.

The herbal regimen for treating Lyme disease can last months
In order to catch any bacteria that are in an invulnerable stage, clients are encouraged to take herbs daily for many months. This is to overlap the Lyme bacteria lifecycle which is approximately six weeks. There are six herbs that make up the base formula for the regimen:

Anti-Spirochete Mixtureby Dr. S. Dharmananda1.
Smilax Glabra, Chinese name:  Tu Fu Ling
Herba Artemisiae Annuae, Chinese name:  Ching-hao or Qing Hao
Fructus Forsythia, Chinese name:  Lian Qiao
Rhizoma Polygoni Cuspidati, Chinese name:  Hu-chang or Hu Zhang
Andrographis, Chinese name:  Chuan Xin Lian
Honeysuckle Vine, Chinese name:  Ren Dong Teng

Additional western herbs like Cats Claw and Terminalia chebula help to increase the rate of success. There are other treatments that help Lyme patients to recover.

Detoxifying heavy metals and other toxins helps relieve fatigue
Many Lyme patients have been shown to have high levels of mercury and other metals and toxins. Often, the immune system gets overwhelmed by infections and cannot eliminate metals as effectively. Also, certain infections release heavy metals when they are killed off. By eliminating these metals along with treatment, you can see a decrease in fatigue and mental fogginess. Detoxification baths, ozone saunas, and homeopathic remedies can be very effective for removing these toxins. This also strengthens your immune system. Other treatments like acupuncture and cupping can help too.

Joint pain and swelling can be addressed with acupuncture and cupping
Acupuncture combined with suction cups helps to decrease the pain and swelling in your joints. Many Lyme patients report dramatic improvements in their energy levels, mood, and range of motion after cupping and acupuncture. Other side effects of Lyme disease can also improve.

Treatment helps you to sleep better
Many Lyme patients suffer from insomnia due to pain, toxins, and inflammation disrupting their sleep patterns. As toxins and inflammation are reduced, these patients naturally sleep better. Also, patients can feel healthier and happier when their body is not losing the fight against a disease it is struggling to kill. Changes in your diet can provide relief, too.

Eliminating dairy, wheat, and sugar starves the Lyme bacteria
These bacteria feed off of the nutrients in your system especially sugars in your blood stream. If you reduce or eliminate foods that raise your blood sugars like sweets,  dairy, and carbohydrates, then the Lyme bugs have less to feed off of. These treatments and remedies provide a powerful strategy which works against the many defenses of these bacteria.

A comprehensive approach helps you to find and evict the hidden Lyme bugs
Just like someone who knows where all the hiding places are, a comprehensive strategy can help to eliminate those stubborn Lyme bacteria from your system. Adding liposomal Chinese herbs, acupuncture, cupping, and detoxification to your Lyme treatment program greatly enhances the chance of purging your infection. Modifying your diet helps to provide less food for these bugs.

1. Dharmananda, S. Lyme Disease: Treatment with Chinese Herbs http://www.itmonline.org/arts/lyme.htm

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