Why You Need These Three Strategies to Recover from Lyme Fatigue

For people with Lyme disease and severe fatigue
by Greg Lee

bank teller

Imagine you go to the bank to get change for $100 bill. However, they only give you $80 back. You complain about being short-changed and demand the rest of your money back. However, they refuse and insist on charging you $20 for their exchange fee.

How is being short-changed just like Lyme fatigue?

When Lyme disease fatigue hits hard, you can’t even get out of bed
Many people with Lyme disease suffer from debilitating fatigue. They can’t work, enjoy normal activities, or spend the time they would like with their family. All the normal things that replenish your energy: exercise, a healthy diet, and plenty of sleep may not prevent this debilitating fatigue. These people end up being short changed over and over by their disease.

Caffeine, sugar, or uppers only make Lyme fatigue worse
Many of these people try drinking more caffeine to boost their energy. Unfortunately, this ends up burning up their energy faster and creating more fatigue. Other people will try sugar. Most sweeteners produce a population explosion of the Lyme bacteria which leads to even more fatigue. These people may resort to using drugs which give a temporary boost of energy, however these last a short while until the person burns out their energy reserves.

What is the cause of this debilitating fatigue?

Poor sleep, too many toxins, and an overwhelmed immune system zap your precious energy stores
The Lyme infection eats up nutrients before they reach your cells. So your cells end up being starved for energy. After eating your cell’s nutrients, these bacteria produce waste toxins which poison your system. These toxins can leave you feeling extremely fatigued or in severe pain.

These poisons force your immune system to work hard at cleaning them out of your body. Your immune system is further taxed by trying to kill off these bacteria as they multiply. Having your cells starved, feeling slowly poisoned, and being in pain can prevent you from sleeping deeply.

What can help you to get back your energy from Lyme fatigue?

Here are three strategies for stopping the effects of Lyme fatigue and replenishing your energy
Using these strategies together helps you to reverse the impact of Lyme fatigue.

First, find and neutralize the causes of Lyme fatigue
Since the bacteria eat up nutrients that normally go to your cells, one strategy for stopping fatigue is to stop eating foods that feed the bacteria. These bacteria like sugars, so eliminating sweetened foods, most carbohydrates, and dairy can start to deprive the Lyme of it’s food. Eliminating these foods helps to limit how fast they multiply and can help to decrease their population. Taking anti-Lyme drugs or anti-Lyme herbal remedies help to kill off the Lyme bacteria. Reduced numbers of bacteria eat less and leave more food and energy for your cells. Adding the right foods to your diet can stop other causes of fatigue.

Another way to neutralize Lyme fatigue is to clean out the toxins that are in your body
There are foods like leafy greens, spirulina, chlorella, and vinegar which help to purge energy draining toxins. Spirulina and chlorella have vital nutrients that help to replenish energy and strengthen your immune system. There are many herbs like gardenia, raw garlic, lycii berry, and honeysuckle that help to neutralize toxins and protect your vital organs. Having a stronger immune system and less toxins in your body, helps you to feel more energized. Changing energy draining behaviors can help too.

A second strategy is to change your energy draining behaviors
Many people with Lyme fatigue have a tendency to give to others before they give to themselves. By inhibiting behaviors like giving to others when you barely have any energy, helps to stop energy depletion. Other examples of energy draining behaviors are: pushing yourself beyond your limits, staying up too late searching the internet, or taking in other people’s judgments or negativity.

Doing activities within your limits, having a healthy lifestyle, and setting a healthy boundary with negative people can reduce energy draining situations in your life. As a person learns to inhibit these behaviors, this can help with learning to receive more energy.

The third strategy is to receive more energy
Most people with Lyme fatigue are great at giving. However, they often struggle with how to receive or they refuse to get support. Inhibiting behaviors that block receiving helps open the way for learning to replenish your energy. A simple tool that has helped tremendously with receiving more energy is called remembrance. This is a simple tool where the person uses a name or phrase that describes their highest source of support, life energy, or healing.

The tool is used like this: as the person feels their fatigue, they repeat this name or phrase and they open and feel what happens. Sometimes it is more effective to express the sound of the fatigue first and then repeat the name or phrase. Many clients have had dramatic increases in their energy levels when taking only five minutes each day to receive using this tool. It has also helped to reduce or eliminate other Lyme symptoms like pain, brain fog, and inflammation.

Using these three strategies, you can release your Lyme fatigue and revitalize your energy
The Lyme bacteria love to drain your energy by eating your nutrients and putting their toxins in your body. You can reverse the effects of Lyme fatigue by using a combination of three simple strategies.

First, starve the bacteria and neutralize their toxins by changing your diet. Second, become aware of and inhibit your energy draining behaviors. And third, receive more energy directly from your highest source of healing support. This combination will help you to stop the Lyme bacteria from short changing your energy. These strategies can also help you to replenish much more quickly.

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