Stopping Lyme Disease from Taking Over Your Mind and Emotions

For people with Lyme disease that have disturbing thoughts or uncontrollable mood swings
by Greg Lee


You’ve seen the movies where space aliens invade people and take them over. At first, only a few people know about the aliens and they run around telling everyone about the new danger. They are seen by others as crazy, paranoid, or bothersome. Eventually, others catch on and meanwhile the aliens have taken over more and more people.

Invading space aliens are just like Lyme bacteria that have entered your body
When you get bitten by an infected tick, these bacteria invade your body and start to take over. Or you may have gotten the bacteria through a blood transfusion. Once they get in, they are difficult to kill off. These critters are spiral shaped so they can spread throughout your entire body.

These bacteria invade your brain
They drill their way into your nervous system causing all sorts of memory problems, numbness, or neurological issues. They tunnel through your nervous system turning it into Swiss cheese. Once they get in the brain, they start to affect your mind.

Once they get into your brain, they mess up your mind
At first you may notice unusual or depressing thoughts like, “I’m doomed.” It’s almost like they are whispering in your mind things like, “You will never get rid of us.”

When they are hungry, they tell you things like, “Eat more sugar.” And they start to dictate your actions. So you start craving foods like cake or sweets that you normally avoid. Then they start to mess with your feelings.

These bacteria can bring up all sorts of uncomfortable feelings
You may start to believe that you’ll never get better or you feel like giving up. You feel more and more frustrated, hopeless, depressed, or suicidal. You might feel trapped between fighting a losing battle with the bacteria and yearning for something to heal this once and for all. This is really the bacteria starting to overtake your higher reasoning. When you feel at your worst, you may feel like the bacteria are going to rule your entire life.

How can you stop this infection from taking you over completely?

Here are four steps for helping you to get your mind and emotions back from the influence of Lyme disease
When nothing seems to be working and you feel continually frustrated or depressed, the bacteria appear to be taking over your life. The first step to getting your life back is to give a name to this group of negative thoughts and feelings. Naming the voice of the bacteria helps you to stop it from controlling your thoughts and feelings.

Some clients describe this group of negative thoughts and feelings as, “That is the Lyme talking.” Or some will say when ever they feel depressed,  “Oh, I’m listening to my Destroyer Voice.” Other examples of different names are, “Lyme Voice”, “The Bad Voice”, or “My Enemy.” Naming these thoughts and feelings gives you more awareness of what’s making you feel badly.

Saying No to the Lyme voice helps you to become more in charge
After naming the voice that leads you to feel worse, say “No” to it. Notice what happens. Sometimes the voice can feel stronger than your “No.”Eventually, you may notice that continuing to say “No” helps to diminish these negative thoughts.  Keep saying “No” to these thoughts until you feel an improvement.Expressing the uncomfortable feelings helps you to feel better
Let yourself feel the uncomfortable emotions around your Lyme infection. You may feel one or more emotions of frustration, sadness, hopelessness, grief, depression, worry, anxiety, or fear. Once you identify the feelings, express them through making a sound, moving your body, or writing them on paper. Continue expressing them until you feel better in your body or your heart.Receiving healing helps you to feel more in charge
As your thoughts and feelings feel better, you want to receive what helps to heal any remnants of the voice of the Lyme bacteria.

In order to receive healing, quietly repeat to yourself a name or phrase that describes what is ultimately healing for you. Some clients repeat a name like “God.” Other clients quietly repeat names or phrases like “The One”, “Universe”, or “Unconditional Love.” If you are not sure what to repeat, keep trying different names or phrases until you find one that works for you.

As you repeat this name or phrase, receive healing in your thoughts and feelings
Continue repeating the name or phrase and receiving until your thoughts and feelings are more at peace. This practice has helped many people with Lyme to feel better and think more clearly.

Clients report clearer thinking and having more hope for the future
After practicing these steps, clients report being able to think more clearly. They also report feeling less depressed, having increased energy, and feeling more hopeful for healing their Lyme disease.

These four steps help you to stop Lyme disease from taking you over
Just like in the movies where the space aliens get kicked out of the people they invaded, you can stop Lyme disease from taking over your thoughts and feelings through these steps:

1) Naming the voice of Lyme disease
2) Saying “No” to the negative thoughts
3) Expressing the uncomfortable feelings
4) Repeating the name or phrase of an ultimate source and receiving healing in your thoughts and feelings

These steps help your thoughts and feelings to shift from negative to more positive. This helps you to gain more hope for healing Lyme disease. And puts you back in charge of how you think and feel.

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