How to Keep Recurring Lyme Symptoms Away with These Biofilm-Busting Herbs

For people with Lyme disease fatigue
By Greg Lee


You’ve heard of detective stories where shady characters hide out in dark alleys. Most people stay far away from these dark places where dangerous people like to hide. In these stories, there is always the detective who is willing to go into this dark world to apprehend a suspect. By having the courage to enter into these places, he is able to arrest the bad guys and solve his case.

How is a courageous detective just like special biofilm-busting herbs that stop Lyme fatigue?

Detectives know where to go to find the bad guys
With chronic Lyme disease, the bad guys are the bacteria that are hiding in your body. They like to hide in hard to reach places like: joints, the brain, organs, and under a protective shield called a biofilm. In these places, these nasty bacteria can thrive and produce toxins that make you feel tired and weak. As a result, many people with Lyme disease feel exhausted, even on antibiotics. Fortunately, there are herbs that can get into where the bacteria are hiding.

These herbs know where to find the bad bacteria
Since most medications take a long time to get into where the bacteria are hiding, it can take many years to kill these hidden bacteria with antibiotics alone. There are three special herbs that can go quickly into where the bacteria are hiding just like a detective.

Special herbs have detective abilities to find hidden bacteria
These Chinese herbs have unusual names like Zedoaria, Spargani, and Curcuma. In addition to going into hard to reach areas, they also have healing properties. Zedoaria is able go into joints and brings along other herbs for killing the bacteria. It also has essential oils that help to heal inflammation and pain in your infected muscles and joints. This herb is also used with other herbs to breakthrough the protective shield.

Special herbs also break through the biofilm shield

For over a thousand years, Zedoraria has also been combined with Spargani to break through cysts and tumors. Spargani increases blood circulation and helps to deliver other anti-Lyme medicines to kill hidden bacteria. Over the past decade, my colleague Dr. Fruehauf at has used this pair of herbs to cut through the protective biofilm that shields infections like Lyme disease. Not only can they cut through the biofilm, herbs can also help your vital organs.

Special herbs also help to heal your organs and nervous system
The third herb, Curcuma, is useful to help heal Lyme infections especially in the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, gall bladder, and intestines. It has the properties of cutting through the biofilm also.

Another healing benefit of Curcuma is the ability to calm the nerves and ease the mind. It has been helpful for “brain fog” and other neurological impairments including epilepsy. These three herbs work together to stop Lyme bacteria from staying hidden in your body.

These three herbs work in combination to purge the Lyme from deep places in the body
By combining these three herbs with other anti-Lyme and anti-toxin herbs, they help to clear out bacteria from joints, organs, the brain, and under the biofilm. This combination helps to relieves fatigue and discomfort by killing Lyme bacteria and neutralizing painful toxins. With these herbs, you can see a significant reduction in Lyme fatigue in a matter of weeks instead of years.

Just like the detective that finds a hidden criminal, special herbs can help you get rid of Lyme fatigue
Instead of struggling with fatigue, you can have greater energy when you add these detective-like herbs to your treatment. In as little as a few weeks, clients often feel a big increase of energy and are able to return to work, play golf, and enjoy being with their family. Several months after completing treatment, many people report maintaining a high level of energy without a recurrence of Lyme fatigue.

Many thanks, to Dr. Heiner Fruehauf for sharing his research on herbal treatments for penetrating biofilms.

If you want to learn more about cutting through the biofilm to heal your Lyme fatigue, pain, and mental fog using these and other anti-Lyme herbs, contact Greg at 301.228.3764 or at

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