Destroying the Lyme Disease Biofilm Using An Ancient Infiltrator

For people with relapsing Lyme disease symptoms
By Greg Lee


Resealable bags protect your food
You use resealable plastic bags to keep your food and leftovers fresh. A thick plastic bag sealed at the top prevents any unwanted organisms from spoiling your food.

How are resealable bags similar to a chronic Lyme Disease infection?
When gathered in a colony, Lyme bacteria are able to create a protective covering to prevent from being killed off. This protective covering is called a biofilm. This biofilm enables the bacteria to seal themselves within a “plastic bag” when they are in danger. This biofilm protects the bacteria from antibodies, antibiotics, and other medicines that will kill it. In theory, the bacteria are believed to be able to lie dormant in their biofilm for months or even years.

When conditions are safe again, the bacteria can re-emerge and aggravate symptoms of pain, fatigue, and mental fog
As a result, some people end up struggling with a recurring Lyme Disease symptoms for years, even decades. Many of these people seek the care of a Lyme literate physician. These people may end up receiving many different antibiotics over the course of several years.
Antibiotics are believed to stimulate the Lyme bacteria to cover itself with a biofilm. When the bacteria re-emerges, symptoms can flare up bad enough to require hospitalization.

How can you stop this cycle of bacteria sealing itself and re-emerging later to aggravate your symptoms?

An age old herb shows new promise for cutting through a difficult biofilm
In 2006, a 17 year old student in Mississippi used an ancient Ayurverdic herb called terminalia chebula to penetrate the biofilm and kill the pseudonomas bacteria behind cystic fibrosis. Here is the link to a video presentation of her work:
Her work was also featured in the January/February medicine and health sciences issue of Imagine Magazine published by John Hopkins University.

If this herb can cut through the pseudonomas biofilm, can it also penetrate the Lyme bacteria biofilm?

Current patients report a reduction in their symptoms when taking this herb
When clients take this herb combined with other anti-Lyme herbs and treatment methods, their symptoms are reduced as much as 90% in as little as eight weeks. These results are usually seen in clients that have been infected for about a year or less. In some cases, patients may see an increase in their symptoms due to greater numbers of bacteria being uncovered or killed off in their body.

Initially, symptoms may increase when taking these herbs
Some patients have reported an increase in toxic herxheimer symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, and pain when starting to take the terminalia chebula herb in their formula. In the beginning, the herb is added at a very low dose so as to minimize any flare up of your symptoms due to greater numbers of bacteria being released or killed.

As you get stronger, your symptoms get reduced and the dosage of this herb is increased to cut through any remaining biofilm. This helps your immune system to be more effective at: killing off more bacteria, eliminating harmful toxins, and keeping you healthy and strong.

A ancient herb brings new hope for eliminating the symptoms of chronic Lyme Disease
Instead of dreading a recurrence of your Lyme Disease symptoms, an ancient herb called terminalia chebula may be able to penetrate the thick resealable plastic bag around the Lyme bacteria. And then antibiotics, anti-Lyme herbs, and your immune system can do their job.

Get rid of your Lyme Disease pain, fatigue, and mental fog for good.

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Greg Lee is a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, and Master Sufi Healer in Frederick, Maryland. He is co-founder of the Two Frogs Healing Center in Frederick, Maryland. He has helped clients to heal Lyme disease chronic pain, fatigue, and mental fogginess. Click here to learn more about our evening lectures on Getting Rid of Lyme Disease at


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