How to Prevent Recurring Lyme Fatigue by Cutting through the Biofilm

For people with fatigue caused by Lyme disease
By Greg Lee






When I used to work late at a 24 hour diner, the most scary time was after midnight. I went into the employee break room and was freaked out when I flipped on the lights. Hundreds of roaches, some as big as a golf balls, scattered in all directions. Yuk! The roaches were having a feast on someone’s leftovers.

After the exterminator came and sprayed toxic chemicals around, I didn’t see any roaches. A few weeks later, I would see them slowly making a coming back. Roaches keep coming back despite harsh chemicals.

And just like roaches, Lyme disease keeps coming back despite some pretty strong treatment
And as you already know, when the Lyme disease returns, so does the fatigue. So how do you stop Lyme disease fatigue from returning?

Fatigue is caused by the Lyme bacteria rob your cells of their food and secrete toxins in your body
When your cells don’t get enough food, you feel tired. The Lyme bacteria are stealing what your cells need to produce more energy.

These bacteria are also poisoning your cells with their toxic waste products and their dead remains. This combination can lead you to feel so tired that you can’t get out of bed. Just like roaches, these bacteria keep returning and causing fatigue despite strong chemicals.

Antibiotics may not be enough to make your fatigue go away for good
Most people get antibiotics to try and eliminate their Lyme infection. When the bacteria are killed off and their toxins are eliminated, many people feel like they have more energy. Unfortunately, some people feel their fatigue returning when the bacteria infect them all over again.

Fatigue keeps comes back because the bacteria can hide
Many people feel better for several weeks after completing their antibiotic treatment. If the infection is not cleared entirely, then the symptoms will reoccur weeks or months later. People will get another round of treatment. And another. And another.

Some people will repeat this cycle of feeling fatigued, getting treatment, and feeling better for years. This cycle may lead them to feel desperate or hopeless of ever clearing their infection.
Where are the bacteria able to hide from strong antibiotics?

Lyme bacteria can hide under a protective shield called a biofilm and come out later
These bacteria can produce a sticky, gooey substance called a biofilm to shield themselves against medications. You may kill off most of the bacteria with antibiotics. However, many can survive under this protective biofilm.

When you go off of medications, the bacteria can re-emerge and produce fatigue all over again.
There is lots of new research on medications for cutting through different biofilms.

What about garlic? Can it stop the bacteria from hiding behind this shield?

Garlic prevents recurring fatigue by cutting through biofilms and killing bacteria
A recent clinical study has shown that garlic has proven effective at cutting through the biofilm and killing the bacteria behind cystic fibrosis. The patients in this study were not responding to antibiotic treatment. In other countries, it has also been used for hundreds of years to kill similar bacteria and parasites.

In China and the Middle East, garlic has been used for over four hundred years to cut through biofilms and kill bacteria
In Israel, a Sufi Master herbalist uses raw garlic to “cut through the things around the parasite” which refers to the biofilm. In China, garlic is used to neutralize toxins, kill bacteria, reduce cholesterol, fight cancer, lower blood pressure, and to protect the liver. A Chinese folk remedy to protect oneself from disease is to eat one clove of raw garlic every morning. However, most patients are worried about the side effects of swallowing raw garlic.

How to take garlic for stopping your Lyme fatigue from returning
Most people want to avoid taking raw garlic because of the odor that comes out the breath or the skin. When eating garlic, some people have indigestion or produce more gas. Consult your physician about taking garlic regularly if you are taking insulin, other anti-diabetic medications, or the anti-coagulant drug Coumadin/Wafarin.

I recommend taking raw garlic with food to reduce indigestion and gas. It can be chopped up and swallowed with water to avoid garlic breath. I suggest that my clients swallow three chopped cloves every day with food to help breakdown the Lyme biofilm. Garlic also helps to help prevent Lyme fatigue from returning by neutralizing toxins and killing the bacteria.

Garlic can help you prevent recurring Lyme fatigue
Just like getting rid of a pesky roaches, you can use garlic to help prevent a resurgence or reinfection of Lyme bacteria. Swallowing a few cloves of garlic with water during meals can help cut through the Lyme biofilm, neutralize toxins, and kill the bacteria. As the bacteria and toxins get eliminated, you will have greater energy and the fatigue will stay away.

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