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Infected ticks can carry over 60 different germs which are referred to as co-infections. These co-infections have names like bartonella, babesia, brucellosis, ehrlichia, mycoplasma, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and chlamydia. These infections can confuse diagnosis. Medications which work against Lyme bacteria, don’t always kill these other infections. When symptoms are slow to improve, there may be one or more co-infections that are making recovery longer and more difficult.

Antibiotics can kill off your good bacteria which allows harmful bacteria like C. Diff, yeast, or viruses to grow and make you sicker. Some people  have also been exposed to environmental mold which increases their levels of toxins. Immune compromised individuals are more susceptible to being infected with toxic mold.

More and more patients are testing positive for parasites in their blood, intestines, brain, or liver.

Fortunately, there are many medicines that can kill these other infections and help you to recover from Lyme.

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