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When Lyme bacteria and co-infections are destroyed by drugs, herbs, or treatment, they release toxins which can aggravate symptoms, damage vital organs, and create confusion. This reaction is called a Herxheimer reaction or Herx for short.

These toxins have different names like endotoxins and nerve toxins. These toxins are very small and can pass from cell to cell and very easily into the brain and nervous system. Sometimes antibiotics can cause tissue damage that can be helped with remedies and treatments.

In this section of the library, you will learn about remedies and treatments that help you to effectively eliminate toxins .

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bloodhound 1) How to Remove Hidden Toxins that Cause Random Lyme Disease Pains, Fatigue, and Brain Fog

swiss army knife 2) How These Four Herbs Protect the Liver Against Harmful Lyme Toxins


3) Garlic Footies for Clearing Lyme and Babesia Brain Fog

get out of jail 4) How Cupping Helps You to Escape Lyme Disease Herxheimer Hell

fireplace5) How These Five Treatments Help to Eliminate Toxins from Babesia and Mold

car computer display6) How These Treatments Help People with Lyme Disease to Drop the Weight They Can’t Lose

wooden table7) How These Five Strategies Help Your Tendons and Joints to Heal from Ciprofloxacin Damage

golf_ikea_box8) Why Lyme Adrenal Fatigue Exhausts You and Four Ways to Replenish Your Vitality

 9) How These Four Essential Oils Calm Tremors Caused by Toxic Mold

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