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The Lyme bacteria are able to burrow into your joints and organs and create all sorts of problems. Many people get pain, swelling, or stiffness. Lyme and co-infections produce toxins that can lead to stiffness and pain. These infections can make joints or organs so painful it can be hard to even walk, lift up objects, or turn and look in different directions.

Unfortunately, there is a reduced blood supply in your joints due to a lack of blood vessels. This limits how much anti-Lyme medicines can get in there. So many people have a difficult time clearing the bacteria from the cartilage in their joints or organs like the brain or gallbladder.

Fortunately, there are remedies and treatments for reducing or eliminating pain, including:

  • Liposomal herbs and supplements
  • Essential oils
  • Bee venom
  • Cupping
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent
  • Laser homeopthic remedies
  • Moxabustion
  • Craniosacral therapy

These methods can reduce pain quickly because of the ability to penetrate into joints, organs, and muscles. These remedies and treatments help to rapidly drain out inflammation, painful toxins and hypercoagulation.

We also use several supplements and remedies to get toxins out faster through improving digestion, methylation, and liver functioning, which can also reduce pain and discomfort.

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