How Alternative Treatments Help to Relieve Lyme Disease Joint Pain

For people with joint pain caused by Lyme disease
By Greg Lee

Imagine you are hosting a large party. And you made sure you ordered enough food and drink to keep your guests from going hungry or thirsty. But despite this massive spread, they keep eating.

You are shocked as they drink and eat everything in sight, even emptying your private stock of expensive wines and specialty foods.

Chronic Lyme disease is like unwelcome guests that eat and drink everything they can.
Nutrients and sugars that normally go toward feeding your cells, get slurped up by these pesky bacteria. As a result, your cells don’t get fed and you feel so fatigued that you may not get out of bed. Or they get in your brain and create confusion, forgetfulness and neurological problems.

And not only do they eat up nutrients and sugars, but they like to wander into the joints in your body.
They wreak havoc in the cartilage, eating whatever they can and leaving their waste products in your joints. You end up with stiffness, pain, and swelling. You may wake up one day to discover your knee has swollen to twice it size. Your doctor will put you on antibiotics. If it is bad enough, you may even need surgery.

Hopefully, these treatments will cure your Lyme Disease infection. Unfortunately, many people get a chronic infection that even years of antibiotics cannot cure. These people are resigned to fighting to
keep the Lyme bacteria from taking over again for rest of their life.

Are their any alternative treatments that can help to fight off Lyme disease joint pain?

Here are five alternative strategies for helping you to reduce Lyme disease joint pain in combination with medications

1. Drain out toxins that limit how your immune system attacks the Lyme infection
Heavy metals and chemicals that you absorb through your food, skin, and the air suppress your immune system. Lyme bacteria also excrete their waste products which are toxic for your body. When the Lyme bacteria are killed off, the toxins within the bacteria are released in what are called endotoxins. These toxins can aggravate your symptoms or create new ones.

Draining these toxins out of your system helps to prevent a flare up of existing or new symptoms. Some of the alternative treatments for draining these toxins are herbal supplements, dietary cleanses, acupuncture, and ionizing detox foot baths.

2. Take the food out of your diet that Lyme bugs like to eat like dairy, wheat, and sugar
If you take away the food from the Lyme bacteria, they will not be able to multiply as rapidly and will weaken the Lyme infection. Limiting how much sugar, dairy, and carbohydrates you eat, deprives the Lyme bacteria of it’s food.

3. Eat more types of food that strengthen your immune system, for example mushrooms, barley and raw garlic
The right types of food can help to strengthen your immune system. Mushrooms are especially good for strengthening the spleen which produces antibodies to attack foreign organisms. Barley is used in Chinese hospitals to strengthen the immune system. Raw garlic is a natural infection fighter and has anti-bacterial properties.

4. Take herbs that help clear out the Lyme infection which reduces joint pain and swelling
In the laboratory, Lyme bacteria are able to produce a protective sheath called a biofilm. This sheath prevents medications from killing off the infection. There are herbs under clinical research that actually penetrate the biofilm made by other bacteria and help to kill of the infection. Once the biofilm is eliminated, there are additional herbs that have anti-bacterial properties and are believed to be able to kill of the bacteria that hides in joints.

5. Get acupuncture treatment to strengthen your immune system
Acupuncture has been shown in multiple National Institute of Health (NIH) clinical research trial to reduce or eliminate back pain, headaches, and joint pain. In addition to relieving joint pain, acupuncture is believed to be able to strengthen the infection fighting ability of your immune system.

Put a stop to the out-of-control party in your joints
Instead of feeling like the host of an out-of-control party, there are alternative treatments that can help to prevent your joints from aching and swelling up. By using these alternative treatments, you can increase your chances for clearing out a chronic and painful Lyme infection out of your joints.

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