How These Five Methods Help to Relieve Drug Resistant Lyme Disease Arthritis

For people with Lyme disease and persistent joint pains that don’t improve with antibiotics
by Greg Lee

hidden microphone

Have you ever heard about the fancy devices that spies use to listen in on conversations? In Washington, DC, there is a Spy Museum where they have on display normal looking gadgets that were modified to carry miniature cameras and microphones. Even an artificial cherry was used to hide a small microphone for listening to conversations over drinks.

How is a hidden microphone similar to Lyme disease arthritis?

Just like a microphone that is hiding inside a normal object, Lyme bacteria like to burrow inside joints
Borrelia bacteria have been found by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests in synovial joint fluid taken from arthritic Lyme patients¹. They have also been detected in collagen found in ligaments and tendons, which makes the bacteria invisible to the immune system². Unfortunately, collagen and cartilage have a lower amount of blood vessels, which can lead to insufficient levels of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines getting into joint tissues. As a result, Lyme patients can have persistent or recurring symptoms of arthritis joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation despite multiple medications³.

Despite multiple rounds of oral antibiotics, Audrey had recurring knee inflammation
Her rheumatoid arthritis factor test came back negative. She lives in a Lyme disease endemic area. After insisting on a Lyme test, Audrey got a positive western blot test. Under treatment with a Lyme literate physician, she was prescribed multiple rounds of antibiotics for Lyme and co-infections, antibiofilm remedies, and other medications which helped reduce the pain and stiffness in her joints. Despite these medications, her knee would swell up repeatedly and require draining. She decided to try other treatments to relieve her joint discomfort.

Physical therapy helped to relieve her joint inflammation
Audrey found that her knee inflammation reduced with Strain and Counterstrain treatment and craniosacral therapy from her physical therapist. She also found relief with infrared saunas and taking anti-inflammatory supplements like fish oil and baby aspirin. After several months of pursuing multiple treatments and taking many medications, she felt that something was still missing in getting to the root of her joint problems.

What else besides medications and hands-on treatment can help to relieve persistent joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation?

Fortunately, there are multiple methods that are effective at reducing stubborn Lyme disease joint pain and inflammation
These methods can help to reduce the toxins and inflammatory compounds that contribute to recurring joint pain and inflammation. They can also quickly relieve stiffness, aches, and frozen joints. These methods can be used simultaneously to promote rapid healing.

Method #1: Cupping and bloodletting
Cupping and bloodletting has been used continuously for thousands of years in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. It has been used effectively for treating rheumatoid arthritis and gouty arthritis. When suction cups were placed near Andrea’s inflamed joints, she experienced some relief of pain, stiffness, and swelling in her knee. Next, acupuncture needling were use to poke small holes under the suction cup to allow small quantities of blood and lymphatic fluids to be sucked into the cup. She noticed a dramatic reduction in the swelling and discomfort in her joint. In other studies, cupping extracted blood and fluids have been found to have a high amount of toxins and inflammatory compounds. Not only cupping and bloodletting, but also moxabustion is extremely effective at relieving joint discomfort.

Method #2: Moxabustion
Used for thousands of years in Asia, moxabustion is a treatment that uses finely ground artemisia argyii or artemisia vulgaris that is burned on tender skin points around symptomatic joints. Also, “moxa heated needles” use moxa that is burned on top of inserted needles to deliver heat into arthritic areas. Moxa has been used for treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis¹. Burning small thread of ultra pure artemisia argyii on Andrea’s tender skin points was highly effective at reducing and eliminating joint pains within seconds. Moxa heated needle treatments using artemisia vulgaris also helped to quickly relieve deep joint discomfort. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is also effective at reducing inflammation and toxicity in painful joints.

Method #3: Frequency Specific Microcurrent
Frequency Specific Microcurrent uses very low power, millionth of an amp, electrical currents to reduce toxins and inflammation inside joints. Andrea’s microcurrent treatment used two electrical lead applied above and below her symptomatic joints. The first current used specific electrical frequencies to: reduce inflammation, neutralize toxins, treat arthritis, and to promote healing. The second set of frequencies used to target different specific joints like her hips, knees, hands and feet. It was also used to direct healing into specific tissues including cartilage, joint capsules, collagen, ligaments, and tendons¹¹. Laser delivered homeopathic remedies can also relieve stubborn joint problems.

Method #4: Laser Delivered Homeopathic Remedies
Shining a 980 nm laser through a glass vial containing a homeopathic remedy into a symptomatic joint can relieve persistent pain and inflammation¹². Despite all of her treatments and medications, one of her knee joints still had persistent inflammation and aches. Using the laser with two homeopathic remedies: first with Gc Protein Macrophage Activation Factor (GcMAF) and then Epstein Barr Virus remedy, Andrea experienced a deep warming inside her knee which intensified after ten minutes. Soon afterward, she remarked that her knee felt much cooler and more mobile. Liposomal anti-toxin and anti-inflammatory remedies also help to reduce joint pains.

Method #5: Liposomal Anti-inflammatory Remedies
Liposomes are remedies that are processed into very small particles and are surrounded by a fat called a lipid. Liposomal medications are more effective at penetrating into joints¹³. Liposomal remedies have been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis¹, inflammatory arthritis¹, and osteoarthritis¹. Andrea found that liposomal glutathione was very effective at relieving joint swelling and stiffness. Andrea also took a customized combination of liposomal essential oils of lavender, frankincense, and nutmeg that helped to reduce her joint symptoms. A combination of multiple anti-inflammatory treatments and remedies can help dramatically reduce painful joints in Lyme disease patients

Combining multiple methods for detoxifying and reducing pain and inflammation helps to relieve persistent joint discomfort
Just like discovering a spy’s hidden microphone, a combination of cupping and bloodletting, moxabustion, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, laser delivered homeopathics, and liposomal remedies helps get at the underlying factors in drug resistant Lyme disease arthritis. These methods helped Andrea to reduce her joint pain from a subjective rating of 8 out of 10 to 1 out of 10. Since several of these methods may produce Herxheimer reactions, work with a Lyme literate acupuncturist to develop a safe and effective strategy for relieving your persistent Lyme disease joint inflammation and pain.

– Greg

P.S. Do you have experiences where treatments or remedies helped to relieve drug resistant Lyme arthritis? Tell us about it.

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