How Acupuncture Helps to Clear Brain Fog

For people who want to clear the brain fog caused by Lyme disease
By Greg Lee

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Imagine you are going into a high security prison to help a group of addicts to get off their drugs. After several security check points, you enter into a room full of tough-looking men sitting on high-backed chairs in a big circle. They are going through difficult withdrawal symptoms of confusion, sluggishness, fatigue, tremors, night sweats, drug cravings, irritability, insomnia, cramping, and/or pain. However, the only tools you have are thin little needles that you are going to insert into their ears. You place needles in each person’s ears until everyone in the room is sitting quietly with needles in both ears.

After repeating this treatment every day for two weeks, you see that their withdrawal symptoms are much less. They have much less confusion, more energy, reduced pains, and less cravings. They may even laugh and joke with you about how they don’t like needles even though they injected heroin for twenty years.

Can the acupuncture treatment for addicts also help to clear mental confusion in non-addicts?
The acupuncture detox treatment protocol helps to flush these addictive chemicals out of the body more quickly. This results in a decrease of withdrawal symptoms like confusion, lack of focus, and poor memory recall. These withdrawal symptoms are very similar to the mental confusion that people with Lyme disease and fibromyalgia experience. Can this treatment approach work with these people, too?

Acupuncture helps to clear mental confusion by flushing out a build up of toxins
People with Lyme disease experience a build up of toxins due to the waste products of their infection that accumulate in the body. Symptoms of pain, fatigue and mental fog get worse as more toxins accumulate. This increase of symptoms is called the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction or herx for short.

People with fibromyalgia experience a similar buildup of toxins due to systemic yeast, environmental pollutants, or lifestyle choices like smoking or eating highly processed foods with a low nutritional value. Some of the most common symptoms are confusion, difficulty finding the right words, and trouble remembering facts, faces, or events. These symptoms have been referred to collectively as “brainfog.”

When these people pull toxins out of the body through dietary cleanses, enemas, and other detoxification methods, they notice a significant decrease in their symptoms. As a result, these people usually experience more mental clarity and less brain fog. When Lyme patients receive acupuncture treatment to eliminate toxins, they see a reduction in their brain fog also.

How does acupuncture help to reduce brain fog?
One theory is that because these needles are placed in the ear, they have a powerful effect on clearing out harmful substances from the nearby brain. One study measured how treatment produces chemical changes in the limbic system of the brain. This part of the brain affects emotions, behaviors, long term memory, and smell. Clients report a difference in how they can think and remember.

When asked, “What did you eat for lunch yesterday?”, many clients struggle and strain to remember. Or they try to get the information by leapfrogging backward in their memory from event to event. After receiving acupuncture, their recall was much quicker and required much less effort. These people have an easier time remembering what they did the day before. This has even helped people who have struggled with decades of brain fog.

Kim has struggled with brain fog for over twenty years
When she first came in for treatment, she stuttered when talking about her medical history. You could see her face wrinkle up in concentration when she couldn’t recall when she first noticed her symptoms.

At the beginning of treatment, she noticed that her symptoms of fatigue, stuttering, pain, and brain fog would get much worse when she would eat bread or sweets. After a few weeks of treatment, she made gradual changes in her diet and her symptoms of pain got significantly better. However, she still had memory recall difficulties and confusion after several weeks of treatment. Then she began receiving acupuncture treatment aimed at clearing toxins out of her brain and nervous system.

After a few treatments, she could speak more smoothly and remember more easily
Over the course of a few weeks of treatments, her face continued to get more and more relaxed during her weekly reports of how she was doing. When asked, “What did you have for lunch yesterday?” she would pause and answer in a relaxed, conversational way. She no longer tightens up her face in concentration while trying to recall events. The memories flow much more easily. At the end of one session, she confided that her alternative treatments were creating the most noticeable improvements in her mental clarity compared to the effects of her antibiotics.

Clearing out mental confusion can be greatly enhanced through acupuncture
Using the same acupuncture approach that helps to clear addictive drugs out of the body, you can clear out the toxins that create confusion or “brain fog.” This approach helps people with Lyme disease and fibromyalgia to clear out mental confusion, memory recall problems, and speaking difficulties. Once these toxins get cleared out of your brain and your body, you can have a much easier time remembering names, events, and facts.

Brain fog?
The right treatment can help clear it out of your head.

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