Getting the Lyme Out of Your Nervous System

For people with neurological Lyme disease
By Greg Lee

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Have you ever done a deep cleaning before moving to a new home? As you pack up your belongings, you discover all sorts of hidden things. You also find a lot of dirt. You see this dirt underneath appliances, furniture, and deep in crevices.

You don’t want the next occupant to discover this dirt after you have left. So you want to make sure you get it all by deeply cleaning these hidden places. Deep cleaning is a similar process to preventing a relapse of Lyme disease symptoms.

How does deep cleaning help you to prevent a relapse of neurological Lyme disease symptoms?
Chronic Lyme disease symptoms are believed to reoccur because the bacteria are able to hide during antibiotic treatment. Lyme bacteria are spiral shaped and they like to drill into your joints, spinal cord, and brain where they can be safe from most antibiotics. Once you go off medications, they come back out and create aches, pains, fatigue, and mental fog all over again. Preventing a relapse requires a deep cleaning of these bacteria out of your joints, brain, and spinal cord.

How to clean Lyme out your brain, joints, and spinal cord
Most antibiotics have a hard time killing Lyme bacteria in these areas. You need something else that will penetrate and clean out these places. There are carrier herbs that are used to penetrate hard to reach places like the brain, joints, and spinal cord.

These carriers will take other herbs like anti-Lyme, anti-toxin, and healing herbs to clean these hard to reach places. This combination of herbs cleans by penetrating these areas, killing the bacteria, clearing out toxins, and helping to repair damaged tissue. Surprisingly, many people with Lyme report aggravated symptoms as they undergo a deep cleaning.

Symptoms may be aggravated when you deeply clean out the Lyme bugs
Anti-Lyme herbs are used to kill the bacteria throughout the body and in hard to reach places. As the Lyme bacteria are killed, you may actually see an increase in symptoms or even new ones. These symptoms may include: increased pain in the joints or muscles, headaches, fever, chills, decreased blood pressure, hives, or rashes.

Some experts believe this is due to something called a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction or herx for short. This reaction is believed to be caused by a toxic substances that get released when the bacteria die off. Fortunately, there are anti-toxin herbs which help to reduce a flare up of this reaction.

Anti-toxin herbs can help to clean toxins and reduce symptoms

Fortunately, there are anti-toxin herbs for neutralizing these toxins. Examples of anti-endotoxin herbs are: scutellaria, isatis root, dandelion, and viola. So as the bacteria are killed off, these additional herbs bind to and neutralize their toxic waste products. These herbs also help to protect organs like your liver, which filters out toxins.

Finally, there are herbs which help you to eliminate these toxins more quickly through your urine and stool. Many clients report decreased herx symptoms when they are on a combination of carrier and anti-toxin herbs. In addition to the carrier and anti-toxin herbs, healing herbs also help to reduce symptoms.

Healing herbs repair damage, reduce pain, and alleviate symptoms
Specific herbs help your body to heal more quickly as the infection is cleaned out of your joints, brain, and organs. Depending upon where you experienced symptoms, specific healing herbs are used to accelerate joint healing, increase energy, and improve memory and mental concentration.

For healing joints, herbs like achyranthes, myrrh, or coix may be added. For replenishing from fatigue, herbs like lycii, licorice, or astragalus may be added. For repairing the nervous system, herbs like gotu kola, acorus or polygala may be used. With all these herbs, you have a powerful strategy for getting rid of a neurological Lyme infection.

Getting rid of the Lyme bacteria requires a deep cleaning
Just like that last deep cleaning before you move out, these herbs help you to clean the bacteria out of those hard to reach tissues in joints, the brain, and the nervous system. These herbs kill the bacteria, neutralize toxins, and help you to heal damaged areas. By adding the right herbs for your symptoms, you can find relief for chronic Lyme problems in as short as a few weeks instead of years.

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