Doug is smiling from the results he got from
the GoodbyeLyme Treatment Program

I was at the end of my rope.  The doctors were not doing anything for me. I have had symptoms for probably 7 years and I was just recently diagnosed.  I had two other bouts where I woke up one morning and it was almost like my fingers were frozen, all my joints hurt, I felt really, really bad. The doctors put me on prednisone, which made me like a crazy person, I wanted to kill stuff and I wanted to eat it. I gained 14 pounds in 10 days.

The prednisone worked to a degree, it was a 10 day treatment each time, but never did feel really great after that.  But the first one happened in 2002 and the second one happened in 2006. The doctors told me I probably had it, because I tested really positive for Lyme. I had no bite mark, no tick marks, no ticks on me or anything like that.

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease the first week of July (2009), and this time it was much the same. I basically spent all of July in bed, and through the first 2 weeks in August, I was basically down and out for 6 weeks. No energy, couldn’t stay awake for more than 3 hours, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stay awake, felt terrible, all kinds of pains in my body, a killer headache. It started in my joints and then I just lost all power. All power.  I think I have had it for long, I was just never diagnosed.

I did 21 days of doxycycline. I felt a little better, but not really.  Some of the pain did go away, I will give it that, but it still wasn’t even like close to being back to normal. Give it another 10 days that didn’t do anything, but I will give it this, I didn’t have as much joint pain I think that I had in the beginning,

BUT, I still had no energy whatsoever. I still couldn’t stay awake, I had the mental fog,  I just had lots of short term memory loss, that sort of thing, so I came to see you Monday I guess, and at that time point in time I was still didn’t have the energy, I hadn’t been back to work, more than that week I went back, the week before I came to see you, I went back to work 2 days, then slept again, and that sort of thing, so lots of energy problems.

I am fairly open minded, but of course I had concerns. The unknown – herbs, and acupuncture, I hadn’t done acupuncture before – I definitely hadn’t taken herbs, but I did do some reading on it and liked what I heard.  I came in with an open mind and positive attitude.  I think, I hope.

Well first of all, almost immediately after I did the acupuncture and some other things, and at that time I had a lot of pain in my foot, I had pain in my head, I had pain in my left shoulder, and basically, the foot went away immediately. I mean by the time I walked out of here, it was 90% better, and within a day or two it was gone. Or no, probably by that night I would say it was gone for all intents and purposes. The pain in my head left, my shoulder has not hurt me since I left here, that Monday

The pain behind my ear where I had it for a couple months, that was all gone within a day or so.  On Tuesday, after I started taking the herbs, I took two doses of herbs on Monday, woke up Tuesday morning, still did the three things, but Tuesday I felt pretty good, I could see a difference.  Wednesday and Thursday I felt like a million bucks, I had all my energy back, I wasn’t falling asleep. I actually worked for 12 hours on that one day.

Shouldn’t have done that but there were some problems I had to take care of [since] I had been off work so long.  Thursday evening, I had a toxic release that put me down, I didn’t feel good on Friday. I was drained. I was drained Friday and Saturday, Sunday it came back, Sunday I was a little tired, but I did play 18 holes of golf – so – haven’t done that in a while.  This week I feel great, this is Wednesday, and I have got my energy back, and I am back to work, plan on working the rest of the week, and I am pretty much got my mind back, and getting pretty sharp at what I do, like I used to do.  So for me it has been a great turn around.  I mean my peers have seen it, and my wife has definitely seen it, sure she is real happy right now, as I am.

Question: Would you recommend our services here?

Of course I would recommend it! You know, I don’t know if any one thing has made me feel better, but maybe with the combination of everything, I do frankincense as much as I can, I take my herbs when I am supposed to, um, I am pretty sure the acupuncture is helping me, but I think that everything together has really helped to the point where I am almost normal.  And in fact everyone was telling me this could be a year and a half, two years ordeal.   As I said I was really concerned about that, so far so good, I would recommend it to anybody.  Come with an open mind, and see how it works for you.

And now I am feeling great! We will see what happens next week, but so far, so good, I really feel good.

Question: Anything else you want to add?

I just say somebody’s got to do it, you know, its alternative medicine or whatever you call it, I don’t care what you call it, but it has been GREAT for me, so I feel really great right now, and I am sure I will keep feeling good. So thank you very much.


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