Linda B.

I wanted to find out what kinds of help I could get from him [Greg] other than what I was getting from my primary care physician. I’m from Southern Maryland which is two and a half hours away. So it’s a big investment on my part and my husband’s part to drive me.

I had a lot of pain when I first started. And now I’m just having twinges of pain. On Dec 18th was the last big moment of pain getting ready for the holidays. It took me three days to get rid of that pain. Since that time, I’ve been doing so much better since that time each week.

I have Lyme disease. I’m at the end of eight visits. I’ve resumed my stationary bicycle exercise. I’m working my way up to 45 minutes. I’ve gained 12 lbs since I’ve had Lyme. Lost 6 lbs since starting the program. One of those reasons is the diet Greg has suggested. I’ve always been a good eater.

I’m also tapping into my spiritual sources, I’m tapping into my Higher Power. I’m also praying again. I’m also grateful to my Higher Power for getting better.

I’ve also come to the realization as a type – A personality, that I can’t continue in my behavior. I am actually embracing my energy levels. I need to nap. I need to be away of how I am feeling during the day.  I need to schedule things differently and not to be so busy.

As far as treatment goes, the Chinese medicine seems to be working. [With] acupuncture and cupping, I get really fast results.

The cupping is amazing. I’ll have a pain in my leg and a pain in my hip. When the cupping is over, I’ll walk out of the office without any pain at all. In the beginning it lasted a few days. As the treatments have gone on, it’s lasted longer and longer between the treatments.

The Chinese [herbal] medicine is not the best tasting thing in the world. But its not that bad. I feel a lot better. I have more clarity. I sleep better. I move better. I’m able to do most everything in my life.

Top 3 benefits

  1. Lack of pain
  2. Reassess my life, slow down and look at things
  3. I just feel so much better.

I recommend this program to others.

– Linda B.