Linda’s results from the GoodbyeLyme Treatment Program

My name is Linda Russell and I came here last March for treatment for suspicion of Lyme disease and Mycoplasma pneumonia we were diagnosed with and maybe some other bacteria or infections that we weren’t so sure of. I was told I had various autoimmune disorders. They didn’t know what I had.

I was told, once they figure it out, they would name it after me because they didn’t know what I had. We tried Lupus, we tried MS. We tried lots of different things, it’s all kind of a blur. We tried shots in the spine for pain over months at a time which did nothing. We did Celebrex for years and years. We did all kinds of anti-inflammatories. We did medicines for Fibromyalgia. Nothing really ever helped me.

I don’t think they quite believed me but it never took away any of it. We plugged on, we tried different things. And finally, I felt I was going further and further down hill. And I was becoming this very toxic, crazy person that I didn’t like anymore.

At one of my low points, maybe three or four years ago, before I decided to stop my medicines and do some alternative things, I’m pretty sure I was under some severe depression. I really did not want to get out of bed most days. I really had to force my self to get out of bed and say, “Hey, you need to get up and get moving and do something.” I literally felt like I had to drag myself around the house to get things done. Everything was overwhelming and very difficult.

I decided on my own I was going to stop taking all my medications. I said to my doctors, I’m done, no more medicines, no more shots. I’m finished. I need to try some alternatives.

I did lots of physical therapy over the years, surgeries, lots of chiropractors. Finally got to a chiropractor that was alternative, holistic minded. Started helping my body to heal through some supplements. Got me to believe that there were other things that could work. I started getting a lot of improvements.

Finally, I got to the point where I as able to try some acupuncture with another gentleman, who realized after three months, that he was not helping me. And maybe there was something to be said to the possibility of Lyme disease, which I had mentioned to him in the beginning when I consulted with him. He pointed me to Greg.

It was a little overwhelming when I came to the lecture and took it all in and listened and saw some of the people that were there. And a big thing that convinced me too was seeing people in the same situation as me, that were a lot worse off. I decided that after seeing them that hell no, I wasn’t going there. I wasn’t going to let that happen. I was going to try this and see what happens because I had nothing to lose. I thought I was going to be sick. I thought I was going to be in pain. I thought I was going to really have to do all this suffering.

Because I been through it for so many years, there had to be pain and things involved. But it was really simple. It wasn’t as complex as I thought. I learned a lot about a disease that I didn’t know about. And it all made sense. Everything I learned about it made sense to the way my body felt and how all my symptoms were.

The progress has been incredible. With Greg’s expertise and guidance, direction, along with diligence and some work on my part, we’ve managed to get rid of years of pain and misery that no other doctors or specialists were able to really help me with. Years of medicines and shots really did nothing. In eight month’s time, I’ve forgotten all about all that. I’m really focusing on going forward from here.

Pain no longer rules my life. I no longer think about it. I can walk the entire mall now. I couldn’t do that. I had to move my car around and park. I just would, “I can’t walk that far, it’s too much.” I don’t think about how far anything is anymore.

Q: What are the three biggest benefits you’ve gotten out of treatment?

Changing my whole life. Three biggest benefits is no pain, weight loss that I didn’t really anticipate, which is certainly going to help me in moving forward with my joints in being able to feel better, get around better. Weight loss, no pain, another thing which I feel it I feel so much more peaceful and content with life and my self than I ever been.

I don’t concern myself with a lot of extra worry. I feel like anything that comes my way I can face it and we’ll get through it. It’s not a big deal. I feel like there aren’t any big deals anymore. I feel like the big deal is done.

Q: How much weight did you lose?

So far I’ve lost around thirty three pounds in eight months. It was a slow process, just chipped away here and there. Two, three, five [pounds] within the course of a couple weeks to a month and gradually it just melted off.

I was also exercising along with it. I was also doing the same exercise prior to coming here for several years and I could never lose a pound. So I think the diet, the herbals probably helped. Finally, I think it all just worked together, between the water exercise I was doing for the joint pain and I think it all came together, because prior to that I could not lose a pound.

Q: How is clothes shopping now?

Oh, it’s wonderful! It’s wonderful when you go back to the rack to keep getting smaller sizes. And wow, I haven’t been this small since right after I got married. That’s pretty cool having had three kids. That’s a pretty good feeling. I feel like I want to stay that way and it feel like it will stay that way. So, life is good.

Q: Would you recommend this program?

I would absolutely recommend this treatment to anyone that is struggling with any kind of pain, suspicious autoimmune. I had spent countless dollars and countless specialists over the years with no results. Two steps forwards and then twelve backwards. This was the first time that I only went forward and never really slid backwards. So I would definitely recommend it.

I just jump out of bed now in the morning. I accomplish far more in a day than I ever even planned to. I have plenty of energy, stamina, I’m just back where I was a long, long, long time ago. With a lot of energy, and raring to go.

Q: Who do you want to help with your experience?

I want to help people that are like me that are depressed, that are sick, that they don’t understand why they feel like they feel. Anyone who is in pain, anyone that has mystery illnesses that they haven’t been able to figure out what they are. Don’t be afraid to try this. I wasn’t and it made all the difference.


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