How to stop recurring Lyme disease symptoms in your clients

(Learn what else besides medications and supplements helps your Lyme disease clients to get better–and how the right tools stop recurring symptoms from coming back)

One of the biggest frustrations is seeing a client who keeps returning with the same symptoms over and over again. This occurs quite frequently in patients diagnosed with Lyme disease.

When you see symptoms that continue to relapse, you use all the special treatment techniques you’ve gathered along the way: acupuncture, herbs, or supplements. Your clients report feeling better at the end of their appointment.

However, when these clients return for their next visit, they are reporting the same symptoms again or they are feeling much worse off than before. You begin to question your ability to help people who are struggling with these kinds of recurring conditions.

Staying up late worrying about relapsing Lyme patients?

You lay awake at night wondering what to do with these clients that are not improving. In search of answers, you look on the internet for information, new healing methods, or experts to give you new ideas for helping these people.

Unfortunately, there is very little information available to help highly skilled holistic practitioners to treat people with persistent Lyme disease symptoms.

You may have tried giving them various herbs, supplements, or healthy lifestyle suggestions. Unfortunately, these only lead to temporary changes. Even though your clients say that you are helping them, you know deep down inside that they could be doing a whole lot better.

  Why Lyme disease symptoms keep returning over and over again

There are three main reasons why Lyme disease symptoms keep returning in your clients.

skull and crossbones Lyme disease produces lots of toxins

Reason 1: Too many toxins

The first reason is that the client’s system is full of toxins. Lyme bacteria produce toxins that poison the client’s joints, blood, and brain. Treatment can help to eliminate these toxins.

However, the next flood of Lyme toxins can quickly erase any progress that your treatment has provided. The immune system gets quickly overwhelmed by increases in these toxins. Your client’s immune system gets further overwhelmed by harsh drugs, environmental pollutants, and food additives which makes symptoms worse.

multiple infectionsMultiple infections produce recurring symptoms

Reason 2: Multiple infections

The second reason why symptoms return is that Lyme disease is often accompanied by other infections. Up to sixty different kinds infections have been found to be transmitted by ticks. They have unusual names like Bartonella, Babesia, Erlichia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, or Mycoplasma.

These infections can produce similar symptoms to Lyme disease. However, these infections are often misdiagnosed or overlooked by physicians. Many require lengthy antibiotic treatment.

biofilm Biofilm shields protect Lyme disease from attack

Reason 3: Germs hide and re-emerge later

The third reason is that Lyme bacteria and other infections can hide from the immune system. These infections use different evasive techniques to shield themselves from being killed by antibiotics and immune system antibodies.

When the level of drugs or antibodies subside, these infections can re-emerge and produce symptoms all over again. They can also hide in hard to reach places like the joints, nervous system, brain, or the skin.

What you need are effective ways to neutralize toxins, diagnose which infections are causing symptoms, root them out of their hiding places, and kill them to prevent symptoms from returning.


“I had a lot of pain in my foot, I had pain in my head, I had pain in my left shoulder

I went to the doctor, I did 21 days of antibiotic felt a little better, but not really. Some of the pain did go away, I will give it that, but it still wasn’t even like close to being back to normal.

I had a lot of pain in my foot, I had pain in my head, I had pain in my left shoulder, and almost immediately after I did the acupuncture, and we did some other things, the foot [pain] went away immediately. I mean by the time I walked out of here, it was 90% better, and within a day or two it was gone.

I left here Monday, and the pain behind my ear where I had it for a couple months, that was all gone within a day or so. On Tuesday, after I started taking the herbs I felt pretty good, I could see a difference.

I felt like a million bucks Wednesday and Thursday I felt like a million bucks, I had all my energy back, I wasn’t falling asleep, I actually worked for, 12 hours on that one day. Thursday evening, I had a toxic release and that put me down, I was drained Friday and Saturday, Sunday it [my energy] came back.

Sunday I was a little tired, but I did play 18 holes of golf, haven’t done that in a while. For me it has been a great turn around. I mean my peers have seen it, and my wife has definitely seen it, she is real happy right now, as I am.”

dlong – Doug Long Program Manager at a multi-billion dollar government contractor


Presenting: The “Stopping Persistent Lyme Disease” Training Seminar

There is a great need for holistic practitioners like you that can help people who have contracted Lyme disease. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates over three hundred thousand (300,000+) new cases are contracted every year. Early treatment yields the greatest chance for eliminating Lyme disease.

Symptoms vary greatly from person to person

However, the presenting symptoms of Lyme disease vary greatly from person to person. Approximately only 30% – 50% of the people get a rash. Some people get flu-like symptoms. Others feel fatigued.

Some people do not show any symptoms for months as the infection penetrates deeper into their system. The best blood tests give false negatives 30% of the time.

Let’s see what an experienced Lyme disease acupuncturist who is also a Chinese medicine scholar says

“Lyme disease is often a debilitating and degenerative illness with far reaching consequences into many bodily systems.

I’ve been in clinical practice 25 years just a few miles north of Lyme, Connecticut, and I’ve treated hundreds of people with this disease. It is so pervasive throughout the continental United States.

This [is important] even more so considering that many physicians still seem to fail to recognize the early warning signs of Lyme or to take tick bites seriously.

I consider it incumbent upon every practitioner of Chinese medicine to be able to identify the symptoms and understand appropriate responses at the differing stages of the illness.

Greg Lee has made an excellent study of Lyme disease and offers many resources both for patients and practitioners of Chinese medicine.”

lonny – Lonny Jarrett M.Ac. Author of, “Nourishing Destiny, the Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine”


Patients waste precious time going from doctor to doctor

As a result, these people can suffer for years as they bounce from one misdiagnosis to the next. Once they finally get a positive Lyme diagnosis, they are often given inadequate treatment by the majority of practitioners in the western medical community.

Any remaining or recurring symptoms may be labeled by their western practitioner as fibromyalgia, medically unexplained symptoms (MUS), or as a psycho-somatic disorder – it’s all in their head.

Lyme literate doctors prescribe strong antibiotics

Should your client be lucky enough to be treated by a Lyme Literate Medical Practitioner, then they may receive months or years of supplements and medications: harsh antibiotics, anti-fungal drugs, pain or psychiatric meds.

meds People with Lyme disease are often on many different medications

Long-term drug treatment takes its toll on the client’s immune system, physical vitality and emotions. Clients can benefit greatly from alternative practitioners that can help to eliminate Lyme disease and other infections, provide immune system and detoxification support, and help eliminate physical and emotional discomforts.

This Lyme disease training course is designed to do the following:

course goals

1. Accurately diagnose what is going on in your Lyme disease clients 2. Kill off the different infections 3. Detoxify and repair the different systems of the body: immune, nervous, and digestive.

Here is a comprehensive course that will help you to understand the causes of and effectively treat persistent symptoms in your Lyme disease clients. You will learn new methods and tools for diagnosing, treating, and stopping preventing these symptoms. Here is what you will learn in the Stopping Persistent Lyme Disease Training Seminar:

Accurately diagnosing your clients

  • Learn how to make sense of a confusing array of Lyme disease symptoms
  • Understand the difference between the effects of the infection and Lyme disease toxins
  • What are the different co-infections that can accompany Lyme disease
  • Learn the Chinese medicine diagnoses for Lyme and the accompanying co-infections
  • Understand how these infections hide and then recreate symptoms in your clients
  • What are the “signature” symptoms of Lyme disease and other infections
  • How Chinese medicine differentiates between the different stages of Lyme disease

Treatments that stop Lyme disease and other co-infections

  • Effective Chinese medicine treatments you can use for Lyme disease and other infections
  • How to use the reaction to treatment to find hidden infections
  • How persistent symptoms can show you your next treatment
  • What acupuncture treatments are effective for reducing persistent symptoms
  • What you should know about antibiotic herbs and medications to safely treat your clients
  • Foods and supplements that further reduce symptoms
  • What helps you to destroy biofilms

Detoxification and rebuilding the immune, nervous and digestive systems

  • Why you need multiple methods for detoxifying your clients
  • Why you need cupping as part of your detoxification program
  • Which herbal remedies you can safely use to stop persistent infections and detoxify
  • Which herbal remedies help restore the immune system
  • How hand-on methods restore digestive system function
  • Which treatments help repair the nervous system

Here’s a sample of the material in this course:

Diagnosing the difference between Lyme disease and other tick infections

Ticks can carry Lyme disease and have been found to transmit up to sixty other diseases. One of the biggest challenges today is diagnosing and treating several different infections in one person.

We will review the different strains of Lyme disease and the most common accompanying co-infections that are likely to be found in your patients. You will learn methods of diagnosing and treating Lyme disease and other infections through your client’s blood test results, symptoms, and reactions to treatment.

Treatment strategies will include: acupuncture, cupping and bloodletting, patent herbal remedies, hands-on approaches, dietary modifications, and energetic healing methods.

Translating between a western diagnosis and an eastern diagnosis for Lyme disease and other tick infections

Your patients will talk to you about their Lyme test results, what medications and supplements they have received from their doctor, and possible treatments they have read about on the internet. In this course, you will learn about the different western medical diagnoses and treatment strategies.

You will learn what the basic western medical terms mean and about different medications. You will also learn ways to talk with clients and doctors about how you can help diagnose and treat Lyme disease. You will also get to review actual Lyme disease patient case histories, alternative treatment strategies and outcomes, and unexpected findings.

doctor patient Learn how to use a doctor’s test results to give better treatments to your Lyme disease patients

You will also learn ways to work safely and effectively with their medications, immune system sensitivities, and their medications. You will learn about supplements and herbs that are safe to use and also which ones are contraindicated for different medications. You will learn about how to adjust your treatments to remove toxins more quickly, strengthen the immune system’s ability to kill infection, and to penetrate into and remove stubborn areas of infection.

  Let’s see what Vicki has to say:

“I’ve had every treatment under the sun. The next step was chemotherapy with a brain biopsy.

I’ve had Lyme since I was eighteen years old and I am forty now. I’ve been treated for everything under the sun. I’ve been treated for Lupus for fifteen years. I’ve had meningitis, multiple bouts of Bels palsy.

I’ve been diagnosed with they said possibly sarcoidosis, MS [Multiple Sclerosis], immune problems. I’ve had every different treatment under the sun. The next step was chemotherapy with a brain biopsy. And that is when I came to Greg.

I feel like a normal person again. The pain has been a big thing. I’ve been taking pain medicine for a long time, I’ve been able to cut that down to just very minimal amounts at times. I’ve had a headache for years and that’s actually gone. Over the last week, I’ve been able to do amazing things. Things that I have not been able to do for a long time.

Things that have improved are my sleep, my energy, my pain, the brain fog. Actually everything has improved in some way or another.“

chatham-zan – Vicki Chatham-Zan Hospice Nurse


Toxins and detoxification

Toxins are a huge reason why your client’s symptoms relapse over and over again. We will review several detoxification approaches that effectively reduce and eliminate recurring symptoms of fatigue, pain, and brain fog. The following detoxification strategies will be covered: acupuncture, patent herbal remedies, cupping and bloodletting, ionic detox methods, dietary modifications, heat, electromagnetic, and energetic healing.

Rooting out hidden infections

The bacteria that causes Lyme disease produces symptoms in joints, organs of the body, the brain and nervous system. It also has the ability to employ different stealth methods to avoid detection by your immune system.

This bacteria can create a shield of slime, called a biofilm, to protect itself and other germs against medications and your immune system. It can hide under proteins produced by white blood cells. You will also learn about common hiding places and how to find where Lyme disease and other infections are residing in the body.

The following strategies for rooting out hidden infections will be covered: acupuncture, cupping and bloodletting, patent herbal remedies, dietary modifications, and energetic diagnosis and healing methods.

  Let’s see what Colleen and Chris have to say on their second visit:

I have been sick for over a decade.

[I’ve been through] the typical rigmarole where you go from doctor to doctor and they tell you there is nothing wrong with you. It wasn’t until 2007 when I got a Lyme diagnosis. And when you feel so desperate you go to all these doctors and they just keep telling you the same thing, it is the most frustrating thing. We went through that for about 2 years now.

Like night and day from last week to this week This is my second visit. I came once for a consultation, once last week for my first session with Greg Lee, and this is the beginning of my second session. We just walked in and it is like night and day from last week to this week.”

Seeing color in her face again and energy levels being up, its fantastic!

[Her partner Chris chimes in] “In two years after seeing her suddenly decline, this is the first time that I have seen her hit an upward slope. The first time. Honestly, she kind of roller-coasters at the bottom of the valley, and this is the first time that I have seen some actual progress. Seeing color in her face again and energy levels being up, its fantastic!”

devaney_drye – Coleen Devaney and Chris Drye


Using patent herbs to treat Lyme disease

If you have not taken an herb course, you may have concerns about safely treating your patients with herbal medicine. Or you may think that learning about a whole system of herbs is a lot to take on.

Fortunately, there are a group of herbs that are already in pill, capsule, or powdered form called patent herbs. You will learn about which patent herbal formulas are effective and safe to use to eliminate Lyme disease, clearing out toxins, killing co-infections, and replenishing the immune system.

You will also learn about how to use herbs safely with the medications that your clients are on. Given that your clients may have their medications change from visit to visit, you will have a quick reference guide to identify know conflicts or contraindications. You will also have a list of other patent remedies which are safe substitutions if one should become contraindicated.

Rebuilding the nervous, digestive, and the immune systems

After you have implemented a successful anti-Lyme and anti-toxin approach, it becomes much easier to repair the damage done to different systems. The immune system, digestive system, nervous system begin to respond much differently when you have greatly reduced the levels of harmful germs and damaging toxins from your client’s body. Constitutional and symptomatic treatments last much longer.

Treatment strategies will include: acupuncture, cupping and bloodletting, patent and custom herbal remedies, essential oils, enzymes, hands-on approaches, dietary modifications, voice dialog, and energetic healing methods.


So what’s different about a Goodbye Lyme course?

The only way you can know the uniqueness of a Goodbye Lyme Course is to experience it.

There are three reasons:

1) Professional colleagues that are committed to helping people with Lyme diseaseSuccessfully treating Lyme disease clients isn’t a fluke. It’s a combination of deep practice, a robust system and detailed support from an experienced practitioner. On the Stopping Persistent Lyme Disease course, you get all three.

It up to you to do what’s required to succeed. On a Goodbye Lyme course you won’t find whiny folks. That alone should tell you that you’ll be amongst people who are determined to succeed against difficult odds.

2) You learn how group learning is way superior to solo-learning.This course follows the philosophy of, “If you want to go fast, you go alone. If you want to go far, you go in a group.” There is intense group activity that enables you to work with me, and to work with your peers. You will not realize how much power a group has, till you do a course like this.

If you’ve ever felt the loneliness of working alone before, you won’t feel it on a Goodbye Lyme Course. The rule is simple: Be kind, be helpful or be gone. As the group works together you’ll learn like never before. Different learning styles are welcome and add to the richness of the learning experience.

3) The learning methods are quite different from what you’ve been exposed to so far. The methods are based on a combination of text, audio, visuals, videos, and forums. You’ll learn in tiny little bits and you’ll master those bits. It’s like learning notes of music. You master each ‘note’, then you move ahead steadily. And in time, you’re able to play awesome ‘music’.

Sure this is about getting information about how to treat people with Lyme disease etc., but don’t fool yourself. Information alone will not help you become an excellent practitioner. What’s critical is that we work on all of these three core concepts.


Learning is more than just getting information

We’ve all got tons of information before. And some has helped and some has sat on the shelf gathering dust. This is because we all learn differently. So what does that mean? That means each one of us has a preference towards a particular style of learning.

You may like to listen to audio, or read words in a note form. Or you may get information better in a discussion of sorts. And the Stopping Persistent Lyme Disease course brings all of the learning systems together. You get:


Notes and reports: highly detailed explanations of different healing techniques, client experiences, and powerful metaphors.


speaker Audio: in depth descriptions of the material which deepen how you learn.



Online forum: Updates, resources, and answers to your questions over an electronic forum.


You also get rich tools for enhancing, integrating, and implementing what you have learned.

additional tools

1. Mindmaps 2. Checklists 3. Videos 4. E-mail

These tools are easy to access

These tools come with instructions on how to use them in your practice.

1) All notes are in easy-to-read PDF format. 2) All audio is tagged which makes it very easy to find in your mp3 player. 3) Even if you’ve never been in a forum before, we walk you through the steps to make it a safe learning experience. 4) Mindmaps are in a Mindjet format and you get the FREE Mindjet Reader. 5) Graphics are in jpg format (If you can see the graphics on this page, you can see the graphics on the course). 6) Checklist are in a Word Format, so you can print them out and use them over and over again. 7) Videos are short and to the point.



Why would I choose this alternative medicine training course when there are others?

“The difference between this course and others, is simply intuition and integration. Intuition enables you to see what’s hidden under the surface of your client. And what needs to happen next with your client. And intuition enables you to diagnose, and then treat underlying conditions with greater clarity than ever before.

Integration enables you to guide your client from start to finish through their healing of Lyme disease. This is something that most other courses give you only bits and pieces of. Integration ties everything together: current Lyme disease research, clinical experience, and a system for educating and treating your clients. Learning how to combine integration with intuition is what makes this course different from anything else.

learn implement refine

How our learning system helps you to help your clients

The learning system in this course that’s used to train you, is: learn, implement, refine. This enables you to learn-by-doing, instead of simply listening to or reading a whole lot of blah, blah, blah. You get to learn, implement it in treatment, and refine your treatments based upon the results you get. When you get stumped or have questions, you have an online forum to get answers or insights from other practitioners that are working with complex Lyme disease patients.

The course is designed to help you excel in your treatment of very complex and challenging patients

This isn’t your typical course where you get a weekend of lectures, notes and a few treatment suggestions.

If you just want to treat the typical client, then this course is not for you. This is not a course for those who want to avoid dedication and hard work. You can become a successful alternative medicine practitioner by reading a book or two, or doing a course or two.

But you can’t become a masterful healer.


What are the qualities of a masterful healer?

A healer who sees what is hidden and what is needed in their complex clients. For that, you need to be able to put in the effort to refine your intuition—treat and be willing to make mistakes—and then refine your intuition from those mistakes. This course requires time for your mind and your heart to stretch beyond what you know, be willing to listen to the intuitive wisdom within, and then systematically refine the medicine you deliver, so that you become more masterful in your healing.

This course is not designed to simply give you information about healing Lyme disease, but to enable you to become more masterful at healing, and then applying what you learn to any other complex challenges in your patients. It’s designed so that you can create powerful results, just by listening to your intuition and applying the healing methods in this course. In short, it will make you a master of being able to heal others, because the course isn’t about learning a bunch of techniques. Instead you’re learning how intuition and knowledge enhance your ability to help very complex and challenging patients.

And to get to this masterful level, you need to go through stages that don’t allow for laziness or excuses.


It may well be one of the most expensive Lyme disease training courses on the planet

And there’s a reason why it’s among the most expensive.

1) It’s designed to maximize your time and money by guiding you quickly through your challenges with complex clients. 2) It’s structured in great detail. 3) You always have the support of other practitioners to support your learning and applying the course material.


Maximizing Time By Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you look up “Lyme disease training courses” on the Internet, you’ll find a few conferences and one or two free online courses. The truth is that there isn’t much training available for the alternative medicine practitioner. This course isn’t cheap and it’s not cheap because it’s designed to maximize your time and your money. The way to maximize your time is to give you a structure and healing tools to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. Most courses tell you what you should do, and then leave you alone.

That is not the way of intuitive healing. “The third level [of diagnosis] is the enlightened level where you can tell immediately from the patient’s presence immediately what is going on.” – Ling Shu (Spiritual Pivot) Chapter 1

Instead, working with complex clients becomes a very powerful opportunity to expand your intuitive diagnosis and treatment skills. This is how you truly become a masterful healer. As you learn what works best for treating your clients and what does not, you will have numerous opportunities to see through a confusing array of symptoms and deliver treatments that restore your client back to health.

This course is aware of how busy you are, and the need to apply your learning to help your patients. Your willingness to make and share your mistakes with other participants helps to speed up your learning process.


And what makes me qualified to teach you?

For one I know how it feels to deal with severely ill clients that have many illnesses that are affecting multiple systems. When I started, I had what I called the “spaghetti treatments” – put out something and hope it sticks. I’d try some acupuncture treatments. Then I’d add in some patent Chinese herbs. Then I’d switch to symptomatic treatments. Soon I had a mish-mash of different strategies which didn’t stop my Lyme disease clients from relapsing. (Aarrrrgh!)

But that’s not all. I was also spending several hours a night researching better acupuncture treatments and herbs. So in order to just come up with a single treatment, I was spending as much as 10-12 hours a week!

Now I see many people who have struggled for decades with debilitating Lyme disease

Going through all that late-night research and years of refining better treatments, I found many ways to help drastically ill people more effectively than ever before. And because these patients have gone from being bedridden to working and enjoying their families, their physicians now refer new clients each week to us.

These clients also share their experiences of getting their health back over the internet on blogs and forums. They also share their experience and our information at support groups. And their experiences and feedback forms the basis for helping more people through articles, training, books, lectures, referrals, etc.


Important: Why You Shouldn’t Delay in Enrolling

#1: There is limited space in this course There is only space for eight participants in this course. Several practitioners have already reserved their space in this course. It will fill up soon. After that, you will be put on a waiting list for the next course.

#2: The tuition will increase next courseAnother reason is that the next training course will be more expensive. That’s because the next course is always different from the previous one. Each course has updated resources, tools, and new ways to learn how to treat people with Lyme disease.



What is the agenda for this course?

Here’s the outline of what you’ll learn in the course:

Day 1.

1) The basics: What is Lyme disease, how do you get it, how do you diagnose it when you don’t have blood tests 2) Other tick infections: What are they, which ones are in your patient, and how they make diagnosis more complicated3) Toxins: How toxic symptoms confuse the best practitioners and how to sort through them4) What are the western diagnoses and how to translate them into an effective treatment strategy 5) Chinese medicine strategies for treating Lyme disease: acupuncture, cupping, bloodletting, moxa, patent herbs 6) Why you need to educate your clients and ways to effectively do that

Day 2.

1) Why Lyme persists and strategies for stopping recurring symptoms: treating biofilms, drug resistant germs, and cysts 2) Treating co-infections 3) Healing the nervous system through acupuncture, patent herbs, cupping and bloodletting, hands-on 4) Why the immune system gets overwhelmed with Lyme and how to get it back into shape 5) Getting digestion moving in the right direction 6) Combining different treatments simultaneously like moxa, acupuncture, cupping and bloodletting

Day 3.

1) Intuitive diagnosis and treatment using Penetrating Divine Illumination (Tong Shen Ming) 2) The intuitive “Rorschach” flashcard test for hidden infections 3) Dialoging with the body to find out what is needed 4) Safety precautions with infectious disease patients 5) Patent herb – drug interaction: cautions, contraindications, and how they really help each other out 6) How to get on-going support and guidance when you are back in your practice through email, articles, and an online forum

And this isn’t counting the additional bonuses. Now these bonuses aren’t some stupid add-ons. They’re specifically created by me, and they’re designed to answer problems that you are seeing with your complex Lyme patients. Hey, you’ll see for yourself.

As mentioned before: This course is designed not as an info-dump, but true methods of learning, such as layering, and repetition are involved. Plus various media such as mindmaps, forums, etc; are added to make sure you get a true learning experience. And so that the learning experience translates into better treatment, which in turn help you better serve more clients.


Complete Details of the Course:

Duration: When is this seminar? Location: Where is this seminar located? Accommodations and meals: What hotels and restaurants are convenient to the seminar? Cost: What does it cost? Purchase: How do I sign up for the Lyme disease training seminar right away? Guarantee: Is there a guarantee? Support: Do I get any support? Cancellation: What if I can’t attend the course?

Is there a HomeStudy Version: Yes there will be a Home Study Version available in 2015.


What do I get for my money? The Regular Seminar will be a live class from Friday October 3rd to Sunday October 5th, 2014 located in Frederick, Maryland.

The Premium Seminar will start with the live class from Friday October 3rd to Sunday October 5th. After the seminar, premium participants get continued support over the next 12 months up to October 31st, 2015. Over these twelve months, participants receive twelve teleclasses and audio recordings of the teleclasses and any notes afterward. Participants also have access to an online e-group where they can post questions and get answers from Greg and other premium participants. Participants also get reports, videos, and other bonuses to help learn and apply the material.


2014 Stopping Persistent Lyme Disease Seminar Schedule
Friday October 3rd: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday October 4th: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday October 5th: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Teleclasses (premium): The first week of each month
E-group (premium): October 6th, 2014 – October 31, 2015

Note: All teleclasses are 60 minutes. You will be dialing a US number for all the teleclasses. Note: You will receive a separate email with your dial-in number and code.


Where is the seminar located? This seminar is being held at the Two Frogs Healing Center at 170 West Patrick Street, in Frederick, Maryland. This center is located at the south west corner of the intersection of West Patrick Street and Bentz Street. Limited parking is available behind the center accessible off of Bentz Street. Metered parking is available along West Patrick and Bentz Street.


What hotels and restaurants are convenient to the seminar? Click here for a list of hotels:

Here is a LEED certified hotel made with sustainable, low outgassing materials:

Click here for a list of restaurants:

Previous participants highly recommend the Lucky Corner Vietnamese Restaurant:

What does it cost? See below for tuition information. Hotel and meals are an additional cost to tuition.


Is it just a seminar? Will there be notes? What about the teleclasses? The seminar is a face-face three day workshop. And yes, you will also get pdf seminar notes, mindmaps, and bonuses too. These are sent to you before the workshop so you can come familiarize yourself with the material before class. This creates a high level of creative discussion, problem solving, and patient case analysis.

Teleclasses (premium option) are over the phone. There will be recordings of each teleclass that you can download.


Do I get any other support? Yes. There will be a forum specially for the premium participants where you can ask all your questions. Greg and the other premium participants will be there to answer them. You can also submit your questions over email to Greg for twelve months after the course.


Is there a guarantee? Yes indeed. All our products and services are guaranteed. If before this course you find that this is not what you expected simply email me, we’ll be happy to give you your money back minus a registration fee. Once the seminar has started, there’s a conditional guarantee. You will need to opt- out of the seminar by the end of the first day, if you are not satisfied.

Important: There will be no refund after the first day of the seminar.


What if I can’t attend the course and wish to opt-out? The seminar tuition includes a $50 registration fee and is non refundable. If you cannot attend the course, you can transfer your seat to the next course or to another participant. If you still wish to opt-out of the course, we will refund your money provided you cancel before the course. Please give us as much notice as possible so we can open up your space up to another participant. (The refund will exclude the registration fee which is non refundable).


How do I sign up for the Stopping Persistent Lyme Disease Seminar right away? Click on one of the payment options below. If you wish to pay via check, please send me an email at Please include in the email your phone number and a convenient time to call, and I’ll call you. And no, your number won’t be used for any other purpose. (Just thought I’d let you know that).




The Goodies

# 1 Bonus: Goodbye Lyme client education sequence (worth $200)

article image

Clients respond much better to treatment when they implement healthy changes in their diet and lifestyle habits. Here is how we teach our clients about what they can do to sustain their health on their own. You will see how each thing we do to educate our client helps them to understand the value of what their are receiving and to wholeheartedly engage in their healing.

#2: Report on disrupting biofilms (worth $20)

biofilm report

Here is a 29 page report that helps you to understand what are biofilms and how to cut through them to reduce recurring Lyme disease symptoms.You will learn about herbs, supplements, and foods that help breakdown and prevent biofilms from forming.

  #3: Mindmaps and checklists (worth $200)

mindmap checklist

Mindmaps give you a visual map for referencing your notes. You also get a visual structure for different Lyme disease treatment strategies. Checklists show you a sequence that your clients move through in their healing process. They help you keep track of herbal medicines, treatment supplies for Lyme patients, and educating your clients. This means you can have an instant reference of your notes or other materials, any time you want in the future. These both save you tons of time and prevent you from having to reinvent the wheel of your Lyme disease healing program.

#4. (worth $300) 22 NCCAOM PDA points – for acupuncturists only

Full attendance at this seminar enables you to receive 22 PDA NCCAOM points. These points help you to fulfill your state’s continuing education requirements required to maintain your acupuncture license.

#5. (worth $260) Twelve conference calls after the training program (premium)



Usually, after a seminar is when you have all the questions and challenges come up concerning your Lyme disease clients. This is why you get to have two (2) one hour conference calls after the workshop to teach additional material and answer questions about using the healing tools with your clients. You also get to learn from the other participants at the seminar. They are spaced at two and four weeks after the workshop.

#6: (worth $300) Detailed case studies (premium)

Here is where you get in depth case studies of complex Lyme disease clients. You get to see what worked and what didn’t. This will help inspire you to find what can work with similar clients in your practice.

#7: (worth $400) Video lectures on the latest research on Lyme disease, co-infections, (premium)


You get videos that explain the latest research into diagnosing, treating, and preventing Lyme disease. This helps you to understand how you can work more effectively with doctors and researchers.

#8: (worth $100) Online e-group (premium)


Imagine that you have several questions come up after the seminar as you are working with a new client with a complex case of Lyme disease. You get on your computer and ask those questions to a group of practitioners who are there to support you. You not only get answers to your questions, but also encouragement, support, and acknowledgment of your skills. This is how an online e-group helps you after the seminar. It’s a safe, confidential place where you and the other participants that choose to help each other, learn from one another, and share valuable resources.

Stopping Persistent Lyme Disease Training Seminar

Friday October 3rd – Sunday October 5th, 2014

Seminar Materials
Notes for Entire Course
MP3 Audio Course Notes
Client Education Sequence
Biofilm Report
Mindmaps, Checklists
Big Bonus
Conference Calls
Case Studies
Latest Research Videos
Online Forum Access for 12 Months
On-time tuition (which includes a $50 non-refundable registration fee)

Payment Options

credit cards

Single Payment via Paypal

Basic tuition single payment rate of $995

Premium tuition single payment rate of $1095
Three Monthly Payments via Paypal

Basic tuition three monthly payments of $368

Premium tuition three monthly payments of $398

Note: All Payments are in US Dollars.

Is your practice needing a new way to help people who have complex illnesses like Lyme disease? Or do you want to your clients to waste precious time searching for someone who can help them?

You owe it to yourself and your practice to move ahead. Make a decision now and change the way you can really help your clients forever!

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Greg Lee

P.S. Everyday you see people with complex illnesses that need tremendous support. Transform your practice into a powerful healing service that enables you to help the clients you’ve always wanted to.

So take the leap now, secure in the fact that you’re in good hands.

Concerns? Questions? If you have any concerns, please email me directly at and let me know how I can help. If there’s anything I can do, I will. I’d be interested in getting your feedback. The feedback that you give me, is strictly confidential.

1. (image courtesy of Maksim on Wikimedia Commons)

2. (image courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Rodney M. Donlan: “Biofilms: Microbial Life on Surfaces”)


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