Three Herbs for Expelling a Persistent Babesia Infection

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For people with recurring Babesia sweats, fatigue, and headaches by Greg Lee Remember the story of how the Greeks finally were able to penetrate into the heavily fortified city of Troy? After ten years of unsuccessful attempts to storm the city, they built a Trojan Horse and wheeled it in front of the city gates. The Trojans wheeled it in …

Herbs for Protecting the Heart Against Lyme Disease

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Just like a scary movie scene that gets your heart beating faster, a person with Lyme disease can experience a similar heart palpitations. Antibiotic treatment can increase these heart symptoms. Learn about three herbs that can protect your heart against Lyme disease.

Four Herbs for Busting a Bartonella Infection

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For people with stubborn Bartonella by Greg Lee Did you ever have a class clown in your school? In my class, I had a kid named Michael that would interrupt the teacher with his silly questions. He also brought in bugs and lizards that he found on his way to school. He was sent almost every week to the principal’s …

How to Protect Yourself Against Drug Resistant Infections

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For people on antibiotics who are concerned about drug resistant infections by Greg Lee Image courtesy of Expatriate Games Flickr Creative Commons Imagine it is starting to rain. You grab your umbrella and run outside. Unfortunately, there are several holes in the fabric and you start to get wet. How is a leaky umbrella like the danger of drug resistant …