Why MARCONS Prevent You From Killing Lyme Bacteria and How You Can Stop Them

By Greg Lee
For people with recurring infections that are not cleared by antibiotics

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You’ve seen the movie trailers that begin with, “Alien Invaders Take Over Unsuspecting People.” You probably thought this only happened in the world of science fiction. But it could be happening right now, literally right under your nose.

A weakened immune system can’t prevent the MARCONS from coming in right under your nose
The alien I’m talking about is a new super staph bacteria called MARCONS which stands for “Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staph.” In his book, Mold Warriors, Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker finds these bacteria in the noses of his Lyme patients that have severely weakened immune systems. What makes the immune system of people with Lyme disease so susceptible to these invading staph bacteria?

Lyme disease toxins weaken your immune system
Lyme disease can produce lots of toxins which make people feel fatigued, anxious, or downright miserable. These toxins also attack and weaken the immune system. If the immune system is weakened enough, you can’t defend yourself against getting these super staph bacteria. Once they get in, these staph bacteria can mutate quickly which helps them to evade your immune system and to become resistant to many drugs.

Super staph bacteria have developed immunity against many antibiotics
In his Lyme patients, Dr. Shoemaker found these staph bacteria were resistant to antibiotics from several different classes. He saw this multi-drug resistance especially in his patients that had been on several different kinds of antibiotics1. Not only do they develop immunity, staph can also shield itself from attack.

Staph can make a protective shield for Lyme to hide under
Staph bacteria can produce a protective shield called a biofilm. Unfortunately, your immune system and most antibiotics can’t breakthrough this shield. Other species of bacteria, including Lyme, can hide under this biofilm. Under this shield, they can swap things like drug resistant genes. This can lead to dangerous new strains of drug resistant Lyme disease, Staph, and other super germs. If your immune system and drugs have difficulty penetrating the biofilm shield, what else can help you to stop these staph bacteria?

Special herbs help you to cut through biofilm shields
In a laboratory experiment, an herb called Terminalia Chebula cuts through the biofilm and kills the Pseudonomas bacteria that created it. Other experiments show that berberine extracts from an herb called Coptidis Rhizome are able to cut through the staph biofilm and kill it. People with Lyme disease report being symptom-free for longer periods of time when taking Terminalia Chebula and Coptidis Rhizome along with other medicinal herbs.

Herbs in your spice cabinet prevent bacteria from working together to make biofilms
These staph bacteria use chemical signals to communicate that there is a “quorum” which means there are sufficient numbers of bacteria to make a biofilm. Herbs like garlic, oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, turmeric, ginger can interfere with the chemical messages that these bacteria send to each other. These herbs are called quorum sensing inhibition (QSI) herbs. Extracts of these herbs have stopped staph from performing quorum actions like producing a biofilm. Taking a combination of these herbs can help you to fight off these nasty staph bacteria.

Herbal teas can help you to cut through biofilms and kill the bacteria underneath
Taking a combination of anti-biofilm herbs in a tea and adding QSI herbs to your diet can help your body to penetrate and stop biofilms from reforming. These herbs can also be used in a nasal wash to breakup biofilms in your nose. Some herbs can be powdered and inhaled directly into the nasal passage. Once the herbs have cut through existing biofilms, then your medications, antimicrobial herbs and your immune system can kill the underlying Lyme and staph bacteria more effectively.

Herbs can strengthen your defenses against a MARCONS invasion
To beat back the invasion of the super MARCON staph bacteria, a targeted program of herbal tea, nasal washes, and dietary changes can help you to cut though biofilm shields, weaken the bacteria, and help your medicines and immune system fight back. Not only can these herbs help you to kill these super bacteria, they can be taken as a preventive program to keep you healthy especially if you haven’t been invaded yet. Consult with a trained herbalist to find the right combination for your situation.

Stopping a staph bacteria invasion helps you fight a Lyme infection more effectively.

1. Shoemaker, Ritchie. “The Biotoxin Pathway” http://www.survivingmold.com/diagnosis/the-biotoxin-pathway

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