We are Hiring!

Want to be a part of the Lyme Research & Healing Center (LR&HC) Heal Team?

We are helping more and more Lyme disease patients, medical providers, and people with chronic illnesses. As a medical center, we are stepping into a new vision–impacting a million through a thousand. By 2029, we will impact a million patients through training a thousand medical providers.

We are dedicated to helping people to heal their chronic infections through advanced natural treatments and remedies.

To make this possible, and to serve our community, we are adding to our team!

Graduating class of the Stopping Persistent Lyme Disease Live Training

Before we get into the specific opportunities, however, let us first say that we take hiring very seriously.

We have a stellar, no-drama on-site and virtual team with an amazing internal culture and that’s because we have a comprehensive process to identify folks who are truly in alignment with who we are and what we do as a healing center.
If you're interested in joining our amazing team, please take the necessary time to read this carefully.


More than anything else, it’s imperative that our team members are in full alignment with our Mission and Healing Philosophy Core Values.
Here’s a snapshot of what those are.
Our mission is to heal 1 Million chronic illness patients through 1 Thousand medical providers over the next 10 years.
We change the world 1 powerful treatment at a time–whether your world is 1 patient or a thousand. We help patients, practitioners, and organizations transform illnesses through advanced natural treatment methods.
  • Belief: We believe in you, our team and our patients. We care for and protect your health especially during this pandemic, your increased ability to perform, and your impact. Everything we do is based on a passion for helping our community to heal a million people through 1 thousand practitioners in the next 10 years.
  • Flexibility: We are able to pivot when needed and adjust our priorities to accomplish the vision.
  • Grit: We are resilient, strong, and, tenacious. We fight for our goals, the health of our patients and the training of our practitioner colleagues with a mix of compassion and science.
  • Generosity: We are always willing to give; we take pride in leading with generosity and kindness.
  • Positivity: We ooze positivity and only work for others who do the same. This attitude is core to our team as a whole and each team member individually. It is foundational and oozes into everything we do and every patient we touch.  
If ALL of the above is in alignment with your personal vision and values, and you are looking for an exciting opportunity to be a part of a BIG world-changing mission and a rockstar team that has an amazing time working together...please check out our open positions below!

We are looking to fill the following positions, click on the title to see a full description:

Herbal Associate and Patient Coordinator
Part-Time Position

Instructions for applying for an interview are located at the bottom of each position description. We are excited to receive your application!