First Appointment

Your first appointment

On the day of your first visit, please do not wear strong perfumes or colognes. Please do not brush or scrape the coating off of your tongue. The tongue coating is an important diagnostic that is helpful in guiding your treatment.

Bring your completed forms -Health History and Lyme Disease Symptoms List to your first appointment. Bring copies of any tests within the previous year that are relevant to your current condition.

I also recommend getting a separate notebook to journal your day-to-day changes, improvements, and insights as you go through this program.

1st phase of your intake appointment: Health Hypothesis Scan

When you arrive, you will be give a form to fill out to indicate how you are feeling today. Once you complete the form, the practitioner will ask you about your medical history, specific concerns that you want addressed in your treatment program, and answer any questions you have.

Next, you will receive a ninety minute to two hour comprehensive scan to measure which factors are the most stressful on your system: infections, toxins, inflammation. You get to sit in a comfortable chair with your hand on a small computer device. We look for the electrical frequency signatures for over 1000 different infections, inflammatory markers, neurotransmitters, hormones, and organs. From this information, we develop a health hypothesis and a plan for addressing your biggest health concerns.

2nd phase of the intake appointment: Hydrogen Therapy, Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatment, and pulse testing for herbs and supplements

After the scan, you will be led to a treatment room where you may receive hydrogen therapy through a nose canula. During this treatment, you will get to lay on a comfortable treatment table. Hydrogen Therapy has helped patients to reduce their brain inflammation, anxiety, and racing thoughts fairly quickly. Using the health hypothesis, a customized Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatment will be customized to address your most pressing concerns. During this treatment, low level electrical frequencies, one-millionth of an amp, are delivered into your body to fight infection, detoxify, reduce inflammation, and increase vitality. Most people do not feel any electrical sensation during this treatment, even patients with electromagnetic frequency sensitivities. Some people actually fall into a deep state of rest during this procedure.

In order to find the optimal combination of healing remedies for your condition, a practitioner may place different herbs and supplements near you and listen to the change on your wrist pulses. The natural remedies that produce the most healing improvement on your pulses will be used to make customized remedies for you.

3rd phase of treatment: Addressing your symptoms of pain, fatigue, mental fog

Depending upon your health concerns, you will receive a combination of multiple treatments aimed at alleviating your symptoms of chronic Lyme discomfort, fatigue, and/or brain fog. These treatments include acupuncture, moxabustion, craniosacral technique, essential oil therapy, Sufi healing, low light therapy, cold laser delivered remedies, cupping and bloodletting, and energetic healing.

4th phase of treatment: Taking remedies at home /work after your session, and journaling your observations, insights, and changes

At the end of your treatment, your practitioner will provide you with herbs and supplements aimed to help healing pain, fatigue, mental fog, or other symptoms that you want addressed. Instructions for dosage and when to take the herbs or supplements will be on the label. Please call or email us if you notice any unusual reaction to your herbs or supplements.

You may notice many changes and improvements as a result of your treatment. You may also get some very deep insights into what your body, mind, emotions, and spirit needs to heal further.

Take a few minutes to write them down. Your Goodbye Lyme Journal will help you to see what worked the best with your conditions. It also helps to remind you of the progress and accomplishments that you have made. I highly recommend taking 10 minutes at the beginning or at the end of the day to write down what progress you have made.

Bring your journal to your treatment sessions to share what has worked and what still needs more healing support.