Tell Us About Your Biggest Challenge to Healing Lyme Disease / Chronic Infections for Teaching ILADS Doctors

Hey it's Greg,

Here’s my dilemma...
My presentation for a big Lyme conference in Boston got accepted! In less than a week, I've got to submit my presentation . . . Yikes!

Last year there were several hundred doctors, naturopaths, researchers, and patients. Many of the attendees this year will be new to Lyme disease. And they all want to know:

What is your biggest challenge to healing persistent Lyme disease?

So I thought to ask the REAL expert, which is You!
Because only you can tell these practitioners the REAL DEAL about the challenges to healing Lyme disease.

So can you do me a favor and give me your quick opinion by entering your info on the form on the right===>>>

Please go ahead and do this right now, while you've got this page open and you are thinking about it. Once you click submit, you'll be taken to a second page where you can share with us your biggest healing challenge.

It takes less than two minutes, and it'll have a huge impact on my presentation to doctors and researchers at the International Lyme and Associated Diseases (ILADS) conference that I'll be presenting at in a few weeks.

Once I go through the responses, I will share with everyone who participates the top challenges submitted. Your personal information will be kept confidential and omitted from the survey results.



P.S. I REALLY need your advice on this...
When it comes to healing Lyme disease and chronic infections, what’s your single biggest challenge?
(Please be as detailed and specific as possible)=======>>>