New Patient Inquiry Example

I just came across your website, Goodbye Lyme, and thought it looked really great. I love the integrative approach you take and am interested in a consultation.
I unfortunately got Lyme's after being bitten by a tick last year. It truly is an epidemic, as you addressed. I am so glad to know that doctors like you are out there focusing their efforts on helping people heal from the chronic effects of this disease.
I'm somewhat fortunate in that the Lyme's was caught right away. But my general doctor had an underwhelming reaction to it and treated it as though it was a mild thing that would easily go away. I went on a number of rounds of Doxy, and that helped in the short run, but didn't knock out the disease totally, as I'm still getting really bad flare-ups every few months and sometimes I have low energy anyway. I'm functional, but then when these flare-ups hit-- well, you know better than anyone how it all goes. 
In any case, I've now taken another intensive round of antibiotics that has really impacted my digestion, as I've had chronic diarrhea for over a month now. I've also had fibromyalgia and what we suspect was small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) prior to this, so my guess is that my system was a bit weakened to begin with.
My questions are:
1. Do these sound like things you could treat?
2. Are you taking new patients currently?
3. What is the price of a new consult, as well as the acupuncture/craniosacral therapy treatments you offer? (I'm a craniosacral therapist too, so that part was particularly exciting!)
4. How regularly would you recommend folks keep seeing you, til they see improvement? 
5. I'm assuming none of this is covered by insurance, right?
If easier to discuss any of this over the phone, that works too.
Thank you!
New Patient