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Replay of "Essential Oils for Lyme+ Masterclass I" Top essential oils for Lyme and co-infections

Replay of Essential Oils for Lyme+ Masterclass II Case studies on Lyme, mold, parasites  and more




Replay of the Overcoming the Four Lyme Practitioner Pitfalls
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Here is where you can register for the Essential Oils for Stopping Lyme Disease Training

How to stop recurring Lyme disease symptoms in your clients

(Learn what besides medications and supplements can help your Lyme disease patients get better–and how the right tools can stop recurring symptoms from coming back)

The topics that this course will cover:

  1. How to quickly reduce chronic joint pains with essential oils in one short office visit
  2. Learn which oils are effective at lowering anxiety, depression and insomnia in neurological Lyme patients
  3. Understand the best essential oil delivery methods for resolving gut inflammation
  4. Learn four ways to rapidly lower brain swelling
  5. Understand how you can map out a successful healing path for your clients with essential oils
  6. Learn four ways to discern the main underlying issues you should treat with oils
  7. Get multiple lists of essential oils that have been researched to neutralize toxins, inflammatory cytokines, Lyme disease, and co-infections
  8. Understand which oils help clear biofilms to make other treatments more effective
  9. Learn about laser and liposome delivery of essential oils into target cells and tissues
  10. Gain treatment insights from multiple case studies of Lyme and chronic infection patients and the oils and remedies that helped them get well again
Hear how liposomal essential oils are getting Hillary's Lyme patients over their stubborn symptoms faster:

Where: This is a eight week ONLINE Training

When: This course has eight weeks of recorded lessons covering diagnostics, essential oil properties, delivery methods, and case studies that can be viewed at any time.


There will be six one-hour live trainings every week on Fridays at 3-4pm EST:

  • Friday Oct 16th: Welcome, Modules 1 & 2 Integration & Assessment
  • Friday Oct 23rd: Module 3 EOs for Detox, Inflammation, etc
  • Friday Oct 30th: Module 4 EOs for Lyme, Co-infections, parasites, mold, etc
  • Friday Nov 6th: Module 5: EO Delivery methods
  • Friday Nov 13th: Module 6 EO Formulas and Case Studies
  • Friday Nov 20th : CEU Exam, Course Review, Graduation


  • Friday Dec 4th: Bonus training: EOs for Eight DIfferent Types Neurological Lyme Disease

This bonus will cover essential oils for treating Eight DIfferent Types of Neurological Lyme disease. 

  • Friday Dec 11th: Bonus Training: EOs for Preventing and treating Coronaviruses

This bonus training will cover Essential Oils for Preventing and Trating the Four Stages of the Covid-19 Coronavirus Infection. Additional surprise bonuses will become available are you complete the different modules.

Who: This course is for medical providers that are treating Lyme patients. If you are in a state that does not license your profession, then you are still eligible to take this training. Course participants must agree to follow their local, state and national laws for practicing medicine before participating.

Learn why Jenny traveled all the way from Cape Cod, Massachusettes to learn about essential oils for treating Lyme disease:

How you get access: You will be on your computer / tablet for the online training or dialing a US number for audio only.
Note: You will receive a separate email with your webinar link, and dial-in number and code.

What does it cost? $11300 $1897 which is a special savings offer for the entire program.

Is it just a seminar? Will there be notes? What about the training recordings? This is an online training. And yes, you will also get videos, audio, transcripts, handouts, checklists, and bonus materials too. These are sent to you by email so you can come familiarize yourself with the material between webinars. This is to help create a high level of creative discussion, problem solving, and patient case analysis.

There will be recordings of each live video coaching call that will be available for download in case you miss a live meeting.

Your role: Be kind, collaborative, and professional, or be gone. You will be asked to give feedback, provide suggestions, or make helpful modifications to the materials so they can better solve the problems that are coming up in your practice. We all have different learning styles and I will work hard with you to develop materials in different formats to help you learn more effectively.

Are there CEUs? Graduates of the course will receive 10 CE credits from the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine after passing the CEU Exam.

Do I get any other support? Yes. You get Greg's email where you can ask all your questions during the eight weeks of the course.

Is there a guarantee? Yes indeed. All our products and services are guaranteed. Try the course for the first 14 days.

We ask that you complete the assignments for Modules 1 & 2 to show that you gave the training a good try. If after that, you find that this is not what you expected simply email me, we’ll be happy to refund your money back minus a $50 registration fee. 

Important: There will be no refunds given after Friday October 30th at 11:59 PM EST which is the fourteenth day of the seminar.

Hear why Michael took this course twice in two years:.

Have you taught this before? For the past ten  years, this seminar has always been given as a combination of live / online training course. The most effective remedies and treatments that I've used to help over nine hundred patients will be shared in the training. I am offering this course material online because of the numerous requests from practitioners and patients saying that more medical providers need training on Lyme and the coronavirus pandemic.

This course will be highly interactive and as you share what is working for your patients and practice, we will work with you to adjust the materials accordingly. 

  • It’s designed to maximize your time and money by guiding you quickly through your challenges with complex clients
  • It’s structured to be flexible and responsive to your needs
  • You always have the lead instructor and an assistant to support your learning and help you apply the course material
  • The course is a short eight weeks, which gives you a limited, highly focused learning environment
  • Your feedback is essential to helping you get the materials you need to help your Lyme patients
  • After course support is available through a closed confidential online group.

Here is the outline for the Essential Oils for Lyme Disease training

Week 1: Effective ways to integrate oils into your patient treatments and practice

The Four Methods of Assessing the underlying issues to treat first, including our proprietary Unique Lyme Symptoms Matrix Tool

Week 2: Essential oils for toxins, inflammation, and Chinese medicine syndromes

Week 3: Essential oils for Lyme disease, co-infections, parasites, mold/candida, and biofilms

Week 4: Delivery methods for getting into the brain, inside cells, and into hard to reach tissues

Week 5: Case studies and video demonstrations of how to select, prepare, deliver essential oil remedies and treatments

Week 6: Entire course review, Q&A, CEU Exam (required only if you want CEUs) and Graduation Ceremony

Week 7: Advanced bonus training on Essential Oils for Treating Eight Types of Neurological Lyme Disease

Week 8: Advanced bonus training on Essential Oils for Treating the Four Stages of the Covid-19 Coronavirus Infection

Essential Oils for Stopping Lyme Disease Online Training October 2020

Here is where to sign up for the 2020 Essential Oils for Stopping Lyme Disease Online Training! From October 16th - November 20th, 2020

One time tuition $7100 $1897 $948 via Paypal, credit card, PayPal Credit

Does your practice need new ways to help people who have complex illnesses like Lyme disease? Or do you want to your clients to waste precious time searching for someone else who can help them?

Tell us what you want to learn and we'll enhance how you help your clients forever.

Warm Regards,

Greg Lee

P.S. Everyday you see people with complex illnesses that need tremendous support. These essential oil remedies and treatments will enhance the powerful healing services for helping the clients you've always wanted to.

Concerns? Questions? If you have any concerns, please email me directly at and let me know how I can help. If there's anything I can do, I will. I'd be interested in getting your feedback. The feedback that you give me, is strictly confidential.