Testing for Detoxification Genes

Here is a recommended genetic test and what it can show about your condition:

The 23andMe saliva test below is highly recommended, not required. I recommend that you submit your 23andMe test several weeks before your first intake appointment. The 23andMe test will help us to identify specific genes that you have or don’t have for getting rid of toxins through your methylation cycle which includes the methionine cycle, folate cycle, biopterin cycle, and the urea cycle [Yasko].

Here is where to order the $199 saliva genetic test from 23andMe:


It takes about three weeks to get your results back. These results will be helpful in determining optimal ways to support your detoxification. At your intake appointment, we will use your results with your scan which helps us to determine which methods and remedies are most effective for helping you to detox quickly.

Once you get your results with almost a million pieces of info, you will need to get it interpreted for which genes pertain to your ability to detoxify through methylation. For a donation, Genetic Genie.org will interpret the results for you in an simple report form.


Please email any questions that you have to Questions @ GoodbyeLyme.com.