VCS Test for Toxins

Testing for toxins in your nervous system

There is a simple on-line test to determine if you have toxins that are affecting your nervous system. The toxins can be from a tick infection of Lyme disease, Babesia, and/or Bartonella or from exposure to toxic mold. These toxins can impair your ability to see subtle shades of gray.

There is a test called the “Biotoxin Illness On-Line Risk Score (BIRS) ©2007 & Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) Test” that tests your ability to see shades of gray. If you are unable to see the subtle shades of gray on this test, this is an indicator that you may have toxins that are in your nervous system.

Doctor Ritchie Shoemaker from Pocomoke, Maryland has this test available through his website.
Please follow the instructions on taking this test, print out the results, and bring it to your first appointment.
The test costs $15.

Click here to take the VCS test and get your score: