Treatments and Remedies for Lyme Disease and Co-infections

Goodbye Lyme Treatment Program

The Goodbye Lyme Treatment Program is a comprehensive treatment plan for getting rid of chronic Lyme disease pain, fatigue, and mental fog. This program also addresses symptoms from co-infections and secondary infections like Babesia, Bartonella, Brucellosis, Erlichia, Malaria, Mycoplasma, Protomyxzoa, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, drug resistant Staph, Strep, Toxoplasmosis, H. Pylori, Epstein Barr Virus, Herpes Viruses, and Cytomegalovirus.

Treatments and strategies for resolving chronic Lyme symptoms

In this program, you receive a group of regular treatments that address your specific symptoms and concerns. As your health improves, treatment is spaced out in greater intervals. These treatments help you eliminate your chronic Lyme symptoms through the following strategies:


Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatments for clearing toxins out of the liver, gall bladder, digestion tract, brain, blood

- Hydrogen Therapy to quickly reduce brain inflammation, push out intracellular heavy metals, and increase hydration of the cells.

– Cold laser delivered anti-toxin homeopathic and essential oil remedies to reduce pain and neuropathy

– Cupping and bloodletting for fast relief from herxheimer reactions and systemic toxicity

– Acupuncture and anti-toxin herbs for reducing toxic flare ups of Herxheimer symptoms

– Ionic detox foot baths for eliminating heavy metals like aluminum

– 660nm near infrared treatment for relieving Bartonella toxic symptoms

– 810nm near visible light for detoxifying the brain


– Anti-Lyme and anti-co-infection liposomal herbs, supplements, and essential oils for helping your immune system to fight multiple infections

– Frequency Specific Microcurrent frequencies for inhibiting Borrelia, Bartonella, protozoa, viruses, and parasites

– Cold laser delivered anti-microbial remedies

– Small particle herbs that carry anti-Lyme medicines into the hiding reservoirs like the nervous system, cartilage, and inside cells

– Immune enhancing herbs, supplements, and acupuncture to help you fight off infections

– Dietary recommendations for reducing fatigue and clearing brain fog

– Acupuncture and craniosacral treatments for relieving chronic pain and fatigue

– Ultrapure moxabustion for relieving Bartonella symptoms

– Sufi healing and craniosacral treatments for enhancing memory and mental focus

Cleaning out deeply hidden infections and stealthy forms

– Anti-biofilm herbs for killing bacteria that are hiding beneath the biofilm shield

– Liposomal essential oils, herbs, and supplements for penetrating into biofilms, cartilage, and inside cells to root out hidden infections

– Frequency Specific Microcurrent for eliminating biofilms

– Bee venom treatment for attacking biofilms and nervous system infection symptoms

– Cold laser delivered anti-microbial homeopathic and essential oil remedies for targeting symptoms in the nervous system, joints, and skin


– Liposomal herbs and supplements for restoring the balance between the hypothalamus – pituitary – adrenals, mitochondrial energy production

– Special NAD+, niacin and copper supplements for mitochondrial ATP energy

– Supplements for dissolving hypercoagulation or “stagnant blood” blocks to healing

- Functional medicine remedies for healing the digestion, clearing liver congestion, and re-energizing the thyroid and andrenals

– Liposomal herbs and supplements for reducing insomnia and repairing the sleep cycle

– 650nm, 670nm, 810nm light therapy for healing the brain, joints, and organs


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