WANTED: Social Media and Digital Education Assistant

Are you obsessed with social media?

Do you find yourself laughing at the latest Facebook videos and you feel a visceral pleasure scrolling through Instagram feeds?

Do you get excited interacting with people in online platforms?

Do you have excellent writing skills that really express your creativity and passion?

Are you excited by helping medical providers to learn new ways to succeed with healing chronically ill patients with natural remedies and treatments?

How would you like to work in a highly advanced research center where you are engaging a community of expert providers and people through your writing and you get to spend your day supporting cutting edge medical discoveries?

If you have a do what it takes to get it done attitude and answered Awesome! to the above questions… we have a mission for you!

Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to join a fast-paced, constantly evolving medical research, training and natural medicine center that is developing supercharged remedies to help chronically ill patients!

Position Overview:

As our part-time Social Media and Digital Education Assistant, you’ll work with the leadership team in growing our social media reach, impact and ROI using proven social media strategies, Facebook ads, Instagram posts, and growing an online community to create a powerful community experience for our current medical provider students and future customers. Must have experience in Social Media in growing online communities, driving sales and increasing ROI is required for this position.

We expect totally awesome copywriting and communication skills, along with the ability to supervise, administrate and encourage conversations in our online communities using our proven communication strategies. You’ll be nurturing our social media following across our social media channels and our student Facebook communities. Medical copywriting experience is not required, but it’s a plus.

You’ll spend part of your day providing valuable feedback and resources to medical providers who have are seeking new remedies and treatments to get their chronically ill patients better. Another part of your day may be spent assisting in the creation of highly targeted natural remedies for helping patients in the clinic.

You will get our students, community, medical providers, prospective clients excited about our work and our research! 

As our Social Media and Digital Education Assistant, you’ll also assess the needs and desires of our medical provider students and our online community. You’ll then create highly meaningful, creative, and engaging social media content that inspires thoughtful and deeply significant conversations for our communities. You’ll start conversations with our incredible community of expert medical providers and get the fulfillment of knowing you made a significant impact on the lives of chronically ill patients every day.

You’ll also create engaging and visually attractive social media content that resonates with our mission, provides real value, and catches the attention of like-minded people. REQUIRED: You’ll need to have design and great attention to visual details.

You’ll get to geek out on statistics as you monitor and track engagement metrics to help us expand our reach, address the questions of the community, make an impact and measure ROI across our social media platforms. You’ll be able to identify what worked best and what didn’t. You get to make suggested improvements or report any issues to the leadership team.

You love engaging with people which helps you provide excellent customer service, feel fulfilled in supporting your colleagues at a medical research center, and understanding and meeting the needs of students and online community members. A passion for natural medicine, working with medical providers, and a passion for helping chronically ill patients is a huge plus.

If you are self-starter who loves hyper-communicating, coaching and inspiring people using social media with written posts, images, videos and you want to make a meaningful impact on the lives of medical experts and their chronic patients on a day-to-day basis, then we want to hear from you!

Role Requirements:

  • Implement the design, strategy, schedule and manage a social media engagement plan
  • Engage our different communities with emotional and inspiring social media posts to support various community campaigns and initiate meaningful conversations for our students and community members
  • Great attention to detail in creating conversational content, that is grammatically correct and mistake free
  • Work with our leadership team to create visually appealing, engaging and mission focused images and videos to accompany social posts
  • Implement proven social media strategies including contests, Facebook ads and Instagram posts to boost membership and engagement
  • Monitor, moderate and provide coaching conversations in our student Facebook communities and social media platforms
  • Be able to communicate the essence of the Lyme Research & Healing Center, so you can respond to comments, emails and messages on behalf of the founder Greg Lee
  • Implement and refine welcome and quiz funnels for new practitioner students and patients into our online trainings and community
  • Report to the leadership team any negative reviews, feedback or customer queries in a timely manner
  • Provide recommended responses to negative feedback
  • Monitor traffic and engagement metrics across social media channels. Provide recommendations as needed to meet the needs of the community, engage with prospects, and deepen the impact and ROI on community initiatives
  • Support during online training events to monitor, facilitate and enhance conversations and connections
  • Coordinate with leadership team to ensure message consistency and the best customer experience
  • Build relationships with students, potential students and medical professionals
  • Stay up-to-date with digital technology and marketing trends


The ideal candidate has at least three years of college in the field of Marketing, Digital Marketing Communications, or similar field. Or 1-2 years of hands-on experience as a Community Manager and will possess the following skills:

  • Strong copywriting and verbal communication skills
  • An ability to incorporate images and design for both the visual and written aspects of our social media
  • Ability to multitask and juggle priorities to quickly drive projects from idea to completion on-time
  • Familiarity with Google Suite tools, Hootsuite and hands-on experience with managing social media across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vimeo and YouTube
  • Knowledge of online marketing, engagement strategies, website traffic and tracking engagement metrics
  • Tech savvy, resourcefulness and the ability to “figure things out”
  • Strong work ethic and standards. Details matter to you. Results matter to you.
  • Available to work during “normal business hours” from approximately 12pm to 6pm Eastern time 


  • Compensation is $14 to $16 per hour depending on your qualifications and experience
  • Paid vacation / sick days, training benefits

About Us:

Lyme Research & Healing Center is an industry-expert in delivering natural treatment and remedies for patients with multiple chronic infections. Here at LR&HC, we help chronically ill patients to identify and resolve their biggest obstacles to healing: infections, toxins, and inflammation. We help our patients to quickly regain their health so they can be the hero of their family, work, and their causes. We also teach medical providers how they can use cutting edge technology and remedies to help their patients regain their functionality more rapidly.

We have found that helping chronically ill people overcome their biggest health care challenges can be solved through applied research and customized treatments and remedies to produce real results with patients.

We have also found that when patients are freed from their debilitating infections and illnesses they become more passionate about helping others, which leads to great things happening in the world.

That’s why it’s our mission over the next 10 years to free over 1 million people with Lyme disease and chronic infections through training 1000 medical providers, so they can make a positive impact with their families and bring positive change to the world.

The truth is that it can be lonely and hard to be a Lyme patient or health care provider and we want to provide the next generation treatments, remedies, community, and inspiration for all those practitioners (and their patients) who choose this healing journey along with us.

To learn more about who you’ll be working with, visit www.GoodbyeLyme.com


This is a part-time role (minimum of 20 hours/week) requiring a commitment with availability Monday to Friday approximately 12pm – 6pm in our Frederick, Maryland office.

This role has some flexibility, since part of the responsibilities can be done virtually, but we want someone who is available to meet face-to-face daily to support our marketing, research and patients in our healing clinic in Frederick, Maryland. Work on evenings and some weekends will be required from time to time in order to meet deadlines, particularly around online trainings and live events.


We are looking for someone to work part-time in-person at our Frederick, Maryland office.

To apply for a live interview, please submit the following:

1.  Resume

2.  Cover Letter

3.  Short Video (less than 5 min, upload on YouTube and send us the link) answering the following questions:

·        Tell us a story about how you interacted with another person recently — in person or online — and how you helped them overcome a health issue, provided support, or just listened

·        Tell us about a major challenge that you overcome in your own life and what you learned from the experience.

·        Describe an experience where you were totally overwhelmed by the amount of work on your plate.  What was the situation? What did you do? How did it turn out?

·        Tell us about a time you were given more work than you could accomplish by the deadlines you were given. What was the situation? How did you approach it?  How did it turn out?

·        What’s the number one thing that motivates you in life?

·        Why do you want to be a part of our team?

·        Why would you be absolutely perfect for this role?

4.  4 Social Media Post Writing Examples + Graphics for Each

·        Please write 4 emotional and engaging social media posts plus graphics for each, showing off your creativity, writing style, strategic mind and eye for design:

A.  Promote Essential Oils for Stopping Neuro-Lyme Disease (our $1897 training): 
https://goodbyelyme.com/training-archive/ — How would you direct people to this product via all social channels?

B.  Write a post that could be used for engaging Lyme disease medical practitioners in our Lyme Healer Association Facebook Community — How would you start that conversation? Check out our blog for inspiration: https://goodbyelyme.com/blog/

C.  Please watch this testimonial from our Stopping Persistent Lyme Disease Training: 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQSNNz6cJkc — How would you write a “shout out” post congratulating this student on their experience in the training?

D. Write a creative post which announces our new business name Lyme Research & Healing Center, formerly the Two Frogs Healing Center.

5.  Email your completed application (with all the pieces described above) to Greg@GoodbyeLyme.com with the subject line “I’m your Social Media / Digital Education Superstar!”