Two Frogs Healing Center to host Getting Rid of Lyme Disease Talk on Monday September 11th at 6pm at the Frederick Innovative Technology Center Inc (FITCI)

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Two Frogs Healing Center to host Getting Rid of Lyme Disease Talk on Monday September 11th at 6pm at the Frederick Innovative Technology Center Inc. (FITCI)


Frederick, Maryland, September 11th, 2017 – Two Frogs Healing Center, a natural treatment clinic for getting rid of persistent Lyme disease, will be hosting the Getting Rid of Lyme Disease Evening Lecture on Monday September 11th from 6pm – 9pm at the Frederick Innovative Technology Center Inc. (FITCI)


Lyme Disease is the number one vector borne illness in the US and in the US armed forces. Lyme Disease bacteria have developed multiple methods to become resistant to antibiotic treatment. These methods are believed to be the cause of relapsing symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, inflammation, and pain in chronic Lyme disease patients despite months or years of antibiotics.

At our clinic, we have successfully treated hundreds of patients diagnosed with Lyme disease and multiple tick borne coinfections. At the “Getting Rid of Lyme Disease” lecture we’ll be sharing how innovative treatments like Frequency Specific Microcurrent and highly effective natural remedies like microparticle aka “Liposomal” herbs are more effective at stopping relapsing Lyme disease and coinfection symptoms.


“Liposomes have the unique ability to penetrate deeply into cells and biofilms to get rid hidden forms of Lyme disease and coinfections,” – Greg Lee, President Two Frogs Healing Center. He will be sharing about the huge improvements that patients have received through these treatments and remedies at the Getting Rid of Lyme Disease talk on Monday.


About the Two Frogs Healing Center

The Two Frogs Healing Center has been a provider of natural remedies and treatments for helping patients to stop their persistent infections including Lyme disease, viruses, mold, bacteria, and parasites. Using advanced electrical scanning technology, Two Frogs is able to identify the underlying pathogens that are causing relapsing symptoms. Two Frogs also produces targeted, customized, natural remedies to address multiple chronic infections.  Its treatments and remedies encompass Frequency Specific Microcurrent, cold laser, acupuncture, cupping and bloodletting, craniosacral therapy, targeted Liposomal remedies, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, antimicrobial herbs, and detoxification supplements. The Two Frogs Healing Center has served the Lyme disease community since 2006 and has a clinic in the Frederick Innovative Technology Center Inc. For more information, visit

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