A Simple Way to Mask the Bitter Taste of Anti-Lyme Disease Herbs

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Dr. Shumake's secret box




Dr. Schumake led me to a securely locked storage room. Inside was a wide assortment of bottles and jars of mysterious looking liquids. As I gazed around in amazement, he pulled out an plain looking box about the size of two huge dictionaries. He smiled as he slowly lifted the lid. My eyes just about popped out of my head when I saw what was in the box.

Some clients say that their anti-Lyme Disease herbs makes their eyes pop out of their head – but for a different reason
Kevin exploded, “I hate taking them! They taste horrible!” when his mom confronted him about taking his anti-Lyme Disease herbs. The taste was so bad he would rather endure his aches and fatigue than to drink any more herb tea. In order to avoid the bad taste all together, some clients put their herbs in capsules to swallow them down. However, this solution doesn’t work for everyone.

Herbs in capsules are easier to drink but cause another problem
Capsules have made it much easier for clients to avoid the bad taste altogether. However, a subset of these clients began to have difficulty swallowing capsules. Dr. Shumake showed me an even better way for these people to take in their herbs.

Dr. Shumake shared his irresistible secret for getting clients to take bitter herbs and medicines
Dr. Shumake of Blue Mountain Apothecary makes medications for all kinds of clients including autistic kids that gag at swallowing capsules. What was inside the big box? The biggest slab of chocolate I’d ever seen.

His eleven pound bar of dark chocolate inspired me to find ways of masking the bitter taste of anti-Lyme herbs for my own clients. He said that mixing herbs with carob would be better for clients with fatigue who should not get caffeine. Using sugar-free, dairy-free, and caffeine-free carob has worked great for getting younger and older clients to take their anti-Lyme Disease herbs more consistently.

Here are three ways to mask the bad taste of anti-Lyme herbs
It takes approximately 2 ounces of carob to encapsulate a daily dose of herbs. Some clients have concerns about gaining weight by eating so much carob. Here are three other ways that use less calories to mask the taste of the herbs:

1) Take 2-3 vegan carob chips (dairy-free, wheat-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free) and melt them on your tongue, or

2) Put a small spoon of olive oil, coconut oil, or sesame oil on your tongue, or

3) Use a small spoon of almond butter or walnut butter to cover your tongue completely

Through using one of these methods above to mask the tongue, clients have a much easier time swallowing their herb tea.

Even clients that have difficulty swallowing now enjoy taking their herbs thanks to Dr. Shumake’s secret
Clients no longer have to struggle with swallowing a bunch of bitter herb tea or taking handfuls of herbal capsules. Thanks to Dr. Shumake’s secret eleven pound box of chocolate, clients have a much easier time taking their herbs masked by carob, different oils, or nut butters. Now, some clients actually enjoy taking their bitter anti-Lyme Disease herbs.

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