Hear Drs. Cowden, Horowitz, and Me! on the Chronic Lyme Summit today April 17th

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Hey it’s Greg,

I learned about some new supplements that Dr. Horowitz is using with his MSIDS / Lyme patients in his interview.

Click here to sign up to hear new remedies from Drs. Cowden, Horowitz, and Me today on the Best of the Chronic Lyme Summit 

The Best of the Chronic Lyme Summit will be broadcast online for Free  for only four more days. So click on the link below to get the goodies from multiple Lyme disease experts (including me):

Click here to learn from top Lyme experts
on the Best of Chronic Lyme Summit


Greg 🙂

P.S. Click here to download the free handouts from my interview that go into more details about treatments for chronic Lyme pain and mast cell

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