[CLS4] Want a second chance to binge watch all the Lyme Summit talks you missed?

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Hey it’s Greg here,
Did you miss any of the talks on the Chronic Lyme Summit?

(* The Chronic Lyme Summit 4 talk rebroadcast is only available for free
now through August 9th.)

You can see talks like:
  • Biological Weapons and Lyme Disease, Kris Newby
  • Updated Treatments for Lyme and Tick-Borne Disorders, Dr. Richard Horowitz
  • New Emerging Treatments for Neuro-Lyme, Greg Lee
  • Vagus Nerve Infections, Dr. Eva Detko
  • And thirty more…
Happy viewing!
Greg 🙂
P.S. We have received several inquiries about accepting new patients. Here’s where to read more about our treatments and a form to apply to be a patient: GoodbyeLyme.com/treatment


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