Essential Oils For Lyme+ Masterclass Series Oct 5-9, 2020

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I just wanted to let you know about something pretty cool I’m offering soon….

And to make sure to tell you to save the date for Mon October 5th at 4pm.  

This is an opportunity that you do not want to miss!

I will be hosting a FREE Masterclass Series on Essential Oils for Lyme+” on using essential oils and natural remedies to treat Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses.

A basic breakdown of the free live masterclasses series is as follows:

The first masterclass takes place on Monday, October 5th at 4 pm EST…
This masterclass answers ‘Why Essential Oils?’ and will cover:

  • How essential oils resolve toxic Lyme disease pain and fatigue with minimal die-off reactions
  • How internal essential oils may safely relieve stubborn Lyme brain symptoms in minutes
  • How microparticle oils penetrate deeper into joints, cells, and biofilms where Lyme hides out

The second masterclass takes place on Wednesday, October 7th at 3 pm EST…
This masterclass is an overview of ‘Healing Transformations with Essential Oils’ and will cover:

  • How essential oils can get people unstuck and over their biggest hump
  • What makes essential oils are so powerful for chronic Lyme and co-infection patients
  • Essential oil case studies

The third masterclass takes place on Friday, October 9th at 3 pm EST…
This masterclass answers ‘How Can Essential Oils Help You Take Control and Get Results?’ and will cover:

  • How sublingual essential oils tackle persistent neurological “Sinus Brain” symptoms
  • How essential oils may protect you against coronaviruses
  • Frequently asked questions about essential oils

This whole masterclass series I am offering you is valued at more than $600…

But you will have access totally free!

>>>> Please click here to get on the notification list for the FREE Masterclass Series on Essential Oils for Lyme+ <<<<<

Even if you aren’t able to make it to the LIVE masterclasses, still sign up!

We will be sending out replays of each one afterward.

I look forward to seeing you in the masterclasses!

Greg 🙂

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