Free Lyme Training Webinar: 4 Must-Have Remedies / Treatments for Lyme Patients, Today Friday 3-4pm EST

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I asked people what their biggest challenge 
was around healing Lyme disease.
They responded with…

Doctors and medical providers need more training

on understanding and treating how Lyme disease
can affect people in different ways.
I also read hundreds of replies which described the 
struggles people were going through that
made my heart sad.
So, my response to begin to fill the knowledge gap
about Lyme is to share four of the best remedies
and treatments that have made a huge difference
in how quickly patients improve.
In just a few short hours from 3-4 pm EST today
Friday, September 18th I’m giving a training on
these four remedies and treatments for free. I’m
also inviting medical providers especially to join
me on this training.
Here is where you can sign up for today’s one
time free training event:
Space is limited, so join early to make sure you
get a seat.
After you register, you will receive an email with
instructions on how to join the training.
Bonus: participants will have two chances to win
a cold laser and a Lyme and co-infection remedy
test kit worth $100. These are the same kits we
use in the treatment room to reduce Lyme
symptoms in patients. One will be given away at
the beginning and one at the end of the training!

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