Interested in safe use of essential oils? Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Ed now $13-a $67 holiday savings (TIME SENSITIVE)

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Hey it’s Greg here,

If you are at all interested in learning
how to use essential oils, then I highly
recommend getting the book:

Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Ed.

The hardcover is around $80, for the next
hour you can get a digital copy for $13.
I’m not making any commission on the sale,

Robert Tisserand’s work is extremely
valuable to helping me formulate
essential oils safely for my patients.
He provides topical and internal dosing
guidelines based on human and animal

I just downloaded my copy and I’m able to
search through and find what I want to know
about individual oils more quickly.

Don’t delay because there is only a short
amount of time left to get this offer.

Peace and healing,


P.S. Interested in learning how to stop recurring
Lyme symptoms using essential oils?

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