Getting Rid of Lyme Disease Evening Talk Mon Feb 1st 6-9pm in Frederick

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Getting Rid of Lyme Disease Evening Talk
in Frederick, Maryland

Monday February 1st from 6pm – 9pm
10 N. Jefferson Street, Suite 203,
Frederick, MD 21701

People with Lyme disease can still be sick with pain, fatigue,
or neurological problems despite months or years of treatment.

Why are some Lyme patients sick despite many years of antibiotics?

What else besides medications will help them to clear their infections?

Which detoxification methods are helping people to heal their Lyme disease?

Monday February 1st, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Location: Two Frogs Healing Center, 10 N. Jefferson Street, Suite 203, Frederick, MD
Evening lecture tuition: $20
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Deer, mice, birds, and squirrels carry infected ticks into suburban

These ticks that can carry Lyme and over 60 other tick infections that can make
diagnosis and treatment much more lengthy and complicated. Lyme disease has
also been reported in chiggers, mosquitoes, and biting flies.

Lyme bacteria can be very hard to eliminate from your system
Ticks can infect people without leaving a rash. The Lyme bacteria can hide in
their joints and in their nervous system. They produce lots of toxins that quickly
erase the benefits of treatment.

The Lyme bacteria can lay dormant under a protective slime called a biofilm
Alternative medicines cut through slime, remove toxins and kill bacteria
Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs have been scientifically proven to cut through
bacteria biofilms. When patients take anti-toxin and anti-Lyme herbs, they
report recovering 80% – 100% off their energy, getting their mental clarity
back, and being pain-free for the first time in years.

AJ received an electrodermal scan which showed elevated levels of Epstein-Barr
and Cytomegalovirus, mycoplasma, and a Lyme disease infection. She also tested
positive for the MTHFR and BHMT genetic mutations that affect detoxification
through the methylation cycle.

She was treated with Frequency Specific Microcurrent, nascent iodine, and
liposomal herbs and essential oils for gut repair, Lyme disease, mycoplasma,
and viruses. She also received cupping and bloodletting to pull out toxins and
inflammation out of her nervous system. After a few treatments, her gut was
much less bloated, energy levels were 90% better, and joint pains were almost
entirely gone. She felt so much better that she planned a vacation for the first
time in three years. How is this possible?

Learn how the latest natural treatments can help to relieve persistent Lyme
disease symptoms of dizziness, gut problems, and fatigue. Also learn how
remedies help with treating co-infections, restoring energy, and relieving
brain inflammation.

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