Two Frogs is Moving to a New Office Suite on Monday August 17th!

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Two Frogs is moving into a larger office suite on Monday August 17th!

On Monday August 17th, we will open at our new location inside the:

Healing Circles Wellness Center at
10 North Jefferson Street
Suite 203
Frederick, MD 21701



There are multiple visitor spaces (highlighted in blue) across from the front entrance of the West Park office building. If all the visitor spaces are taken, you can park on Jefferson Street.


Here is what the ground floor lobby looks like:



Go up the elevator to the 2nd floor. Turn left out of the elevator and go through the door with the Healing Circles Wellness Center logo:



Have a seat in the waiting area. There is water and a restroom key in the waiting area for the restrooms by the elevator.



We will be closed on Friday August 14th and will re-open on Monday August 17th.

Question? Call us at 301-228-3764 or email at
We look forward to seeing you in our new space on or after Monday August 17th!



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