Can I get your help real quick with telling medical providers about the challenges to healing Lyme?

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Here’s my dilemma…
In less than two weeks, I’m hosting a live training for medical providers on stopping persistent Lyme Disease. Yikes!

Many of these folks are new to treating Lyme disease. And they want to know:

What are your biggest challenges to healing Lyme disease?

So I thought to ask the experts, which is… You!
Because only you can tell these practitioners the REAL DEAL about the challenges to healing Lyme disease.

So can you do me a favor and take this short survey?

Please go ahead and do this right now, while you’ve got this page open and you are thinking about it.

It takes less than two minutes, and it’ll have a huge impact on how these practitioners help people just like you. In a few weeks, I will share with everyone who fills out the survey the top ten most important challenges submitted. Your personal information will be kept confidential and omitted from the survey results.



PS. What is it about healing Lyme disease that keeps you up at night? Tell me about it here:

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