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I want to let you know about something VERY
exciting we have coming up for health care providers…

For quite a while now, many people have said things

to me like:

“Greg… I’m in Australia, do you ever plan to offer

your training online?”

And the answer was always “Sorry, not at this time.”

Sure people could come to our annual live training,

however that required scheduling time away from
clients, expenses for travel, lodging, and meals.
We could not train those practitioners that were
unable to come to Frederick, Maryland.

In addition, I also got quite a few messages from

people with Lyme disease who would love to refer
their practitioner to an online course and asked me
if this was possible.

And again, my answer was always, “Not right now.”

But that’s soon going to change.

Beginning Friday, September 25th we’re going to

be opening up the doors to our first ever ONLINE
Pilot Stopping Persistent Lyme Disease Training Seminar.

And we’re going to be doing this in a BIG way.

We’re going to do our first ever, official
online training course where participants

will get some AMAZING bonuses that are really
going to help their patients in a major way.

I can’t really reveal much more than
that right now.

All the details will be revealed in the
next few weeks.

But for now, please mark down Friday 
September 25th on your calendar.

That is the official launch date of the
six week seminar.

It’s going to be awesome.

More about it soon,


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