Stopping Lyme Disease Tremors from Wandering Around Your Body

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For people who want to reduce tremors caused by Lyme disease
By Greg Lee

hang glider

People in hang gliders use wind drafts around steep cliffs to sail through the air. These winds are powerful enough to easily lift a hang glider pilot and hundreds of pounds of equipment. Sudden gusts of wind can make flying difficult or dangerous. How are unexpected gusts of wind just like tremors that are caused by Lyme disease?

Recurring Lyme disease symptoms leave people feeling like they are flying off a cliff without a hang glider
Symptoms like tremors, dizziness, and numbness are common in people with Lyme disease. Just like the wind, these symptoms can suddenly appear, disappear, re-appear, and move around the body. This is why the term “Wind” is used in Chinese medicine to describe these kinds of recurring or migrating symptoms. Wind can produce a wide variety of symptoms1 like:

• pulsating headaches
• ringing in the ears or tinnitus
• runny nose and itchy eyes
• colds
• traveling pains
• sudden rigidity
• spasms, cramps
• itching
• palsy
• paralysis
• vertigo
• stroke
• coma
• convulsions

Not only does wind affect the body, it also affects the mind and emotions.

Wind can disrupt your mental clarity and emotions
Too much Wind in the mind can cause mental uncertainty, unclear thinking, and difficulty in making decisions. Wind also can create emotional irritability, nervousness, and turmoil. It can also lead to manic-depression, an unstable personality, and the inability to keep commitments.

How is Wind able to enter and disrupt your body, mind and emotions?

These factors make you more vulnerable to Wind
Being exposed to windy weather without proper protection can aggravate your symptoms. Lyme disease or other infections break down your body’s defenses which allows Wind to get in. Lyme toxins damage the liver which can lead to a heat and inflammation. Excess heat in the liver can generate damaging Wind inside. Lifestyle choices like alcohol consumption, a high fat diet, and getting to bed late at night impact the liver which can make these symptoms worse. What can help you to stop tremors caused by harmful Wind?

Avoiding these high fat foods helps to reduce harmful Wind
High fat foods, medications and recreational drugs, and highly processed foods can damage or create blockages in the liver. Avoiding foods like fatty animal meats, cream cheese, egg yolks, crab, lard, margarine, shortening, and refined oils helps reduce the stress on your liver2. Eliminating buckwheat helps to reduce Wind.

Avoiding alcohol, other recreational drugs, and highly processed foods with additives or preservatives helps your liver, also. Consult with your physician before changing any medications that you are taking. Some foods and herbs help your liver to work more effectively.

Adding liver supporting foods reduces Wind
Examples of foods and herbs2 that support the liver to reduce Wind are:

•   onions
•   mustard greens
•   cooked watercress
•   chestnuts
•   pine nuts
•   cooked cabbage
•   turnips
•   daikon radish
•   kohlrabi
•   cooked cauliflower
•   cooked broccoli
•   alfalfa sprouts
•   rye
•   amaranth
•   quinoa
•   lettuce
•   celery
•   cucumber
•   asparagus
•   cooked kale
•   collard greens
•   seaweeds
•   parsely
•   tumeric
•   basil
•   cardamom
•   bay leaf
•   marjoram
•   cumin
•   fennel
•   dill
•   ginger

•   cooked Brussel sprouts
•   sprouted grains, beans and seeds
•   black pepper
•   horseradish
•   rosemary
•   mint
•   lemon balm
•   dandelion leaves and root
•   angelica
•   peony root
•   rhubarb (has a laxative effect)
•   prickly ash bark
•   milk thistle seeds
•   chamomile
•   small amounts of raw honey
•   apple cider vinegar
•   stevia
•   lemon
•   lime
•   tart grapefruit
•   citrus peels (orange or tangerine)
•   mushrooms
•   flax oil
•   borage oil
•   evening primrose oil
•   black currant seeds
•   aloe vera gel
•   spirulina
•   blue-green algae
•   chlorella
•   wheat grass juice
•   barley grass juice

Alternative therapies also help to reduce Wind

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help quickly with reducing tremors and other Wind symptoms quickly. Using acupuncture needles that are gently warmed by a ball of burning mugwort which is also known as moxa, can reduce symptoms of mental confusion, tremors, dizziness, and transient pains rather quickly. Cupping and bloodletting on the base of the neck or on the shoulders also helps reduce these symptoms. Using a combination of changing your diet and alternative treatments helps you reduce tremors and other symptoms cause by Wind.

Take the Wind out of your Lyme disease tremors
In Chinese medicine, tremors and other transient symptoms are similar to being hit with unexpected gusts of too much wind. Consulting with a trained Chinese herbalist and/or acupuncturist can help you to make the right dietary changes and get treatments to help get the Wind out. Just like an experienced hang glider pilot who knows how to safely maneuver through sudden blasts of wind, you can have an effective strategy for protecting yourself and reducing tremors and other symptoms of Wind.

1. Maciocia, Giovanni. 1989. The Foundations of Chinese Medicine. Churchill Livingstone: London.

2. Pitchford, P. 2002. Healing with Whole Foods: Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition. 3rd. ed. North Atlantic Books: Berkley, CA.

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