How These Four Strategies Reduce Bartonella Eye Pain

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For people with persistent eye problems due to Bartonella that are not resolving with antibiotics
by Greg Lee

When I was in Middle School, we were taught archery in physical education. I enjoyed learning how to hold, aim, and shoot arrows at a target many yards away. Part of our grade was seeing how close we could come to getting an arrow in the center bull’s-eye of the target. I am amazed at how no one got hurt with over twenty adolescent boys and girls shooting arrows all over the place.

How is archery target practice similar to a Bartonella eye infection?

Similar to getting an arrow in the bull’s-eye of the target, Bartonella has a similar way of impacting the eye
Andie’s eye felt hot, swollen, painful and itchy for many weeks. Warm compresses helped to temporarily relieve her symptoms. Her primary care doctor diagnosed her with conjunctivitis and gave her antibiotics, which did not help at all. Ice felt good, however the symptoms would return quickly. People can have chronic eye pain, swelling, and pressure that is related to a Bartonella henselae and quintana infection1. Andie’s other symptoms indicated a possible Bartonella infection.

Bartonella can also produce symptoms of brain fog, burning in the extremities, and increased anxiety2
Given Andie’s other symptoms of brain fog, anxiety, and numbness, pain, and heat in her extremities, she was suspected of having a Bartonella co-infection. After 4 weeks of up and down painful eye symptoms, she decided to visit a Lyme literate acupuncturist. Fortunately, she was able to receive multiple treatments aimed at relieving her eye pain and inflammation.

There are multiple treatments that can treat a Bartonella eye infection
At the beginning of her appointment, Andie’s eye discomfort was at a level of 6 out of 10. One of the challenges is how to safely kill off an infection without damaging the eye. Fortunately, Frequency Specific Microcurrent uses minute amounts of electricity to kill infections, detoxify, and is a very safe.

Tx #1: Frequency Specific Microcurrent
Frequency Specific Microcurrent uses two pairs of frequencies which can be used to target infections like Bartonella anywhere in the body3. Andie received multiple pairs of frequencies in a single treatment. The first set of frequencies were used to kill Bartonella, neutralize bacterial toxins, and general toxins. The second set of frequencies were used to direct the microcurrent to the eye, rectus muscles, oblique muscles, eye socket, and eyelid. Electrical leads were placed on the back of her neck and over her eyes.

Result > After fifty minutes, her discomfort level decreased from 6 to 4 of 10

Next, acupuncture was used to aid in detoxification, reducing inflammation, and strengthening the immune system.

Tx #2: Acupuncture
Acupuncture points on the spleen and lung pathways were used to relieve inflammation, aid in detoxification, and support the immune system in fighting infection. As Andie’s acupuncture pulses improved, she was treated with laser delivered homeopathics.

Tx #3: Laser Delivered Homeopathics
A homeopathic remedy for treating Bartonella in a clear glass vial was used in combination with a 650 nm laser to treat Andie’s eye next. The laser was shone through the homeopathic solution in the vial to encode the frequencies of the remedy into the laser4. With her eyes closed, the laser was beamed around Andie’s eye brow, bridge of her nose, and upper cheek. Special care was taken to avoid shining the laser directly into her eye.

Result > After twenty minutes, her discomfort level decreased from 4 to 3 of 10

Given the success of thread moxabustion in treating localized Bartonella symptoms in other patients5, Andie was treated next with moxabustion around her eye.

Tx #4: Thread moxabustion
A common plant called artemisia argyii, also known as mugwort or moxa or by the Chinese name: Ai Ye, was used in Andie’s next treatment. A rare form of this plant uses only the underside hairs of the leaves, which is called ultra pure moxa. Four ounces of ultra pure moxa can cost several hundred US dollars. The ultra pure moxa was rolled into tiny threads and placed on Andie’s upper cheek, bridge of the nose, and on the eyebrow. Each thread was lit with an incense stick. As each thread grew hot, it was removed. After treating the area around her eye, Andie was astonished.

Result > After fifteen minutes, her discomfort level decreased from 3 to 0 of 10!

Fortunately, multiple treatments can reduce the pain and discomfort of stubborn Bartonella symptoms.

Using multiple anti-Bartonella treatments can quickly reduce the pain and inflammation associated with this infection
Just like shooting an arrow into the bull’s-eye of the target, using multiple anti-Bartonella treatments of Frequency Specific Microcurrent, acupuncture, laser delivered homeopathics, and ultra-pure moxabustion can target specific areas and relieve the pain, inflammation, and hot discomfort of a Bartonella infection. Since these treatments require specialized training to be used safely, please consult a Lyme literate Chinese medicine practitioner to see if these are a good fit for eliminating your Bartonella symptoms.

– Greg

P.S. Do you have experiences where treatment or remedies helped you eliminate or reduce Bartonella symptoms of eye pain, inflammation, or burning? Tell us about it.

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Image courtesy of Bcc cindy and Casito of Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I am reading Dr Buhner’s book Healing Lyme Naturally and my eyes are always between 6-10 (pain). It feels like someone has poured acid in them and also like something is in my eyes. It has been so hard working since my hands are constantly rubbing, holding over my eyes or putting something in them to soothe for about 2 minutes. I have steroid and antibiotic drops that worked initially but now not at all and are bad for your eyes for any length of time. DR said in his book that Stephania root eye washes were great along with taking stepahnia root. I also have had 3 bells palsy’s and have some sort of infection in my mouth that the drs say is not there but it has been for 2 years and swells and I need antiobiotics which just suppresses it so it does not cause my face to droop. So I started it 3 days ago internally as he recommends and potting in my eye so i have with my gel lube and it does work much longer that the other options but it is still coming back throughout day….hopefully that the internal will help….anyone else tried this with any success?
    Thanks Magie Hill

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      Hi Maggie,

      I’m glad the stephania helps your eye. Chrysanthemum tea is an herb used in Chinese medicine for swollen eye infections. Powdered abalone shell and oyster shell in a boiled decoction can also help with reducing eye discomfort.

  2. Greg:
    Just want to send you the message that this summary of healing techniques is rather amazing. (“How These Four Strategies Reduce Bartonella Eye Pain”). This is really the cutting edge of many holistic protocols. You are doing amazing research for medical science addressing Lyme disease.
    Thank you,

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  3. Hi,

    I am so glad you found something that helped you!
    I would like to know what frequencies you used for the bartonella`?

    Thank you.

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  4. My daughter sees a Naturopath to help cure her Lyme. She is feeling better but still has severe eye pain and fatigue. I will try the remedies you mentioned in the article. Do you have any advice to help with extreme fatigue? She is 15 and can’r even make it to school, she is too exhausted.
    Thank you for any help you can offer.

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