Followup Appointments

Followup Appointments and Herbs


Follow up appointments

Liposomal remedy, essential oils, and supplement refills

Please let us know if you are needing any refills of supplements or microparticle liposomal remedies. This gives us adequate time to process your order to be ready at the end your office visit.

Detoxification Foot Bath

At your follow up appointments, you may receive a detoxification foot bath. When your room becomes available, please enter and take off your shoes and socks. Roll up your pant cuffs if necessary. Place your feet in the foot bath. Let your practitioner know if the temperature of the water needs adjusting.

Treatment Status Form

Please fill out the form for recording your energy level and areas of discomfort in your body in the before treatment spaces. Please draw a picture on the second page of how you are doing and feeling.

Progress between appointments

You will have a chance to tell your practitioner what has happened since your last visit. Please relate any changes in your symptoms, insights you discovered about your healing, or challenges that came up. Please feel free to talk about how your diet is going, how the herbs are affecting you, or any emotions that came up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. If you have concerns or requests for the treatment session, please share them. If you have requests for addressing particular symptoms, please tell your practitioner.


When you have completed sharing your progress between appointments, you will have privacy for undressing and draping yourself on the treatment table. This is a good time to use the restroom is necessary. Based upon your progress and the concerns you would like addressed, your practitioner will offer a variety of treatments to provide further healing of your symptoms.

You may be asked to give feedback in how a symptom is changing during or after a particular treatment. You may be asked to give expression to a symptom to help with the healing process. You may be asked to practice your remembrance to receive healing. At the end of your session, your practitioner will go to the herb dispensary to mix up your next customized formulation of herbs. You will have privacy to get dressed.

Microparticle herb and supplement refills and scheduling your next appointment

Once you are dressed, please fill out the changes in your symptoms on your treatment status form and draw a new picture of how you are feeling. Please mark the changes in your energy level, and symptoms on the form.

Checking out

At the end of your office visit, we will provide you with your liposomal remedies, supplement, herb, and/or essential oil refills. If the remedies are out of stock we will have them shipped to your address on file. If you would like them sent to a different address, please provide that address at check out. Please provide payment at this time. We accept cash and most major credit cards. You will receive a treatment receipt that is coded for insurance reimbursement for acupuncture treatment. If you are seeking reimbursement, please contact your insurance company to determine if they will reimburse you for out-of-network acupuncture treatment.  Please schedule your next appointments at this time.

Contacting us with questions

Please call us at 301-228-3764 or email us at Questions @ with questions about your remedies or treatments. Please feel free to contact us with how your symptoms are changing.