Phages (Research)

Can viruses infect and kill
Lyme disease and
co-infections in patients


We’re looking at research into viruses called
“Phages” which have been found to infect and
kill bacteria infections like drug resistant MRSA.

According to experts, it can take upwards of $100K
to isolate a single virus which can kill an infection
like Lyme disease. Before we invest in this research,
we’re interested in learning which infections are the
biggest challenge for you to get rid of.

Could you take a moment to fill out a brief survey to
help us identify the most difficult infection(s) that
you want to get rid of?


It will only take a few minutes so please fill it out while
you are here.
It will help us to understand what are the highest priority
infections to develop new remedies for. You’ll potentially
help us to help thousands of people who are struggling
with chronic infections.


Thanks so much!


Greg Lee

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