How These Five Treatments Help to Eliminate Toxins from Babesia and Mold

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For people with recurring toxic rashes caused by mold and Babesia toxins
by Greg Lee

When I was a boy, I enjoyed making fires in our fireplace. One day, I had just lit a fire just before everyone in my family was heading out to the store. When we came back, the fire alarm was buzzing and the whole house smelled of smoke. In my haste to leave, I had forgotten to open the chimney to let the smoke out. Fortunately, the only damage was due to smoke and the fire was contained in the fireplace.

How are protozoa and mold toxins similar to smoke damage from a closed chimney?

Similar to smoke that spreads through a house, people can accumulate unhealthy levels of Babesia and mold toxins
Blossom struggled for years with hot, red, itchy rashes that were diagnosed as eczema. Her allergist prescribed antihistamines which helped somewhat. Her dermatologist tried giving her multiple steroid creams and moisturizing lotions, some of which actually aggravated her condition. Her rashes looked like red dots from a ball point pen and were so itchy, she would scratch them until she bled. She would wear gloves to bed to prevent herself from scratching. She finally got an appointment with a dermatologist at a top medical school in the country.

More steroid creams did nothing to eliminate her rash
The top dermatologist prescribed more steroid creams which did little to relieve her symptoms. She went to a naturopathic physician who gave her supplements and changed her diet to eliminate foods which could cause an allergic reaction. For a while, her symptoms improved until a visit to a friend’s house made things much worse.

She had a huge flare up of her rash after visiting a friend
Unknown to Blossom, her friend had a leaky roof that produced a large mold problem in the basement. After visiting for several hours, Blossom felt like her skin was on fire. None of her medications or supplements helped to put it out. She was completely miserable and desperately searched for new ways to stop her eczema. Then she heard about a Lyme literate acupuncturist that had success treating unusual cases.

Rashes can be a sign that the body needs a lot of help in getting rid of toxins
Blossom’s aggravated rash presented with many small red dots all over her body which looked similar to a Babesia rash1. Her skin was hot to the touch. At her first visit with the acupuncturist, she received an electrodermal scan that revealed many factors that could produce her rashes. First, the scan indicated a genetic problem with methylation detoxification. If she could not eliminate toxins through methylation, then the toxins could build up and come out through her skin as a rash. Multiple infections were also detected through the scan.

Electrodermal scans can help to identity the hidden sources of toxic rashes
Her scan detected elevated mycotoxins and reduced levels of Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide (VIP)2. Her scan also indicted Babesia, Streptococcus, and multiple fungal infections. Her lymphatic system also showed indications of being severely blocked.

What can help to remove mold and infectious biotoxins before they come out through the skin as hot, itchy rashes?

Here are five treatments and remedies that help to reduce biotoxins before they can lead to uncomfortable skin rashes
Rashes in the skin are often interpreted in Chinese medicine as an indicator of a deeper issue in the lungs and / or intestines. Detoxifying the skin and the deeper organs helps to address the surface and underlying causes of toxic rashes. As the toxins get reduced, then antimicrobial treatments and remedies can also be increased to address the infections that are producing the toxins.

Treatment #1: Frequency Specific Microcurrent
Blossom was treated with multiple microcurrent frequencies3 for killing fungal and protozoal infections and neutralizing their toxins in her skin, lungs, intestines, and lymphatic system. She also received a set of frequencies for treating eczema. After each microcurrent session, she remarked that her skin felt less hot and itchy. In addition to microcurrent, she also received acupuncture for releasing toxins and rashes out of the skin.

Treatment #2: Detoxification acupuncture
For decades, acupuncture has been used to treat addicts in the United States to help them to detoxify off of habit forming drugs4. Blossom received an acupuncture treatment for detoxifying and venting heat out of the skin layer called, “Aggressive Energy5.” After 30 minutes, she remarked that her skin went from being hot to feeling cold. In addition to acupuncture, she also received laser delivered homeopathic remedies.

Treatment #3: Laser delivered remedies
A cold laser can be used to drive the frequencies of homeopathic, colloidal silver, or essential oil remedies into a patient6. The remedy is placed in a clear glass vial which sits in front of the laser beam which then shines into the patient. Blossom reported significant temperature reductions when she received laser delivered homeopathic remedies for Epstein Barr virus, Herpes simplex, homeopathic detoxification, Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP), and Gc protein Macrophage Activation Factor (GcMAF) on her skin rashes. In addition to laser delivered remedies, she also received liposomal herbs for detoxifying and killing infections in the skin, intestines, lungs, and the lymphatic system.

Treatment #4: Liposomal herbal remedies
Herbs that are processed into a liposomes are more effective a penetrating and relieving symptoms of toxicity in the skin, organs, and the nervous system7. Liposomal herbs are constructed with an outer shell which is often made from lecithin with an inner core of an herbal mixture. Liposomes are usually processed to make a very small particle size which can be absorbed quickly and easily into cells. Blossom received a custom combination of liposomal herbs for moistening, cooling, and detoxifying the skin, lungs, and intestines which included:

  • Glehnia, Chinese name Bei Sha Shen
  • Ligusticum, Chinese name Chuan Xiong
  • Lycii cortex, Chinese name Di Gu Pi
  • Zedoraria, Chinese name E Zhu
  • Sophora, Chinese name Ku Shen.

Other herbs were added to the liposomal mixture to kill fungal and protozoal infections, including:

  • Dichroa root, Chinese name: Chang Shan
  • Gentiana, Chinese name: Long Dan Cao
  • Artemisia, Chinese name: Qing Hao
  • Lapacho, Pau D’Arco

After taking this mixture every day, Blossom reported that her skin felt less toxic and cooler to the touch. She found that certain kinds of detoxification baths made her condition worse and others helped her to feel better.

Treatment #5: Detoxification baths
Blossom tried taking Epsom salt baths to detox, unfortunately they left her skin feeling drier and itchier. She was given a bottle of a specialty bath which uses charge particles to draw toxins out of her tissues. After taking several of these baths, her skin felt moister and less toxic. Fortunately, multiple treatments can effectively reduce the toxic heat rashes caused by fungal and protozoal infections.

Using multiple anti-toxin treatments can quickly reduce burning and itchy rashes caused by an accumulation of infectious toxins in the skin
Similar to opening the chimney flue to vent smoke out of a house, using multiple anti-toxin treatments of Frequency Specific Microcurrent, acupuncture, laser delivered remedies, liposomal herbal remedies, and specialty detox baths can relieve the itchy hot rashes due to excess toxins from fungal and protozoal infections. Since these treatments require specialized training to be applied safely, please consult a Lyme literate Chinese medicine practitioner to see if these are a good fit for eliminating your toxic heat rashes.

– Greg

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P.S. Do you have experiences where treatment or remedies helped you eliminate or reduce toxic rashes from mold or Babesia? Tell us about it.

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